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Book reviews in 2021

Although this is a story of ministry within the Church of England, there is much here with which many Baptists can identify
Enjoyable anthology featuring traditional verses and modern classics, encouraging readers to reflect on the Christmas themes of joy, hope and peace for all the world
Many in ministry will find this thought-provoking compendium of the lessons the author has learned over the years useful
Offers useful principles for Christian politics, but while the author rejects the fundamentalist view of Scripture, he does not offer a viable alternative
Stunning biography documenting the following of God's call to radically transform the Chinese government's policy on care welfare
The book's value lies in helping the reader, whatever their views, to look at the issues through the broad lens of God’s grace
A literary analysis of the Gospel, which aims to show how and why John has written as he does
If you want to slow down and spread advent over an entire month, here is a super little package to help you along
An engaging study guide that, despite some concerns, shows how the Bible is relevant to environmentalism, with many stories and ideas
An excellent, well argued book with much to commend it - more useful after an episode of depression, not during one
Anyone arranging Christmas services would do well to read this volume - it will provide a fun, but informative resource to enjoying the stories behind our festive traditions
An attempt to redefine Christianity, which addresses the climate crisis towards the end of the book
These reflections from the new Bishop of Chelmsford, written in the context of her brother's murder, contain so much on which we may and indeed should ponder
The Archbishop of York presents a wonderful vision of the Christian faith
Personal grief leads to a fresh understanding of the Psalms - and 'one of the best devotional books I have read in a long time'
A fascinating and gripping read, exploring the origins of international law
A collection of essays which establish the common foundations that inform our conversations about translocal ministry and map present models and experience of ecclesial oversight
An updated combination of two previous classics, recommended exploration of the human body in all its wonderful complexity
Frank and engaging account of serving with BMS World Mission in Brazil
Written in the middle of 2020, before the second and third waves of the virus hit the UK, this nevertheless offers a valuable Biblical perspective on the pandemic
Part memoir, part social and theological commentary, this book is both a heartfelt lament about the state of faith and race, and a rousing rallying cry for the Church to do better. It is a call that badly needs to be heeded - and acted upon
Beautifully presented and illustrated journal which has its origins in Lent, but could be used at any time of year
Emily Owen explores the idea that God has always been leaving personalised calling cards to his followers to remind them of his presence, and the result is a rewarding, meditative read, free of sentimentality
Küster is urging theologians and biblical scholars to find and identify God in art and culture, as he addresses the quest for God in the context of oppression, violence and terror from an aesthetic perspective
Bob Hartman is a master story-teller who brings us right into the world of Jesus with engaging characters that we can identify with - every household and church should have copies of this
Keller's exploration of what Jesus' cross and resurrection mean for us today
While this book asks good questions about the Bible, the answers fail to satisfy
Short, accessible yet thorough guide to 21 diverse and meaningful methods of reading the Bible
Discover more about God through the stories of Victorian Christian businessmen and how they changed their world
This collection of essays constitutes an extended argument for an anthropocentric, human-focused study of religious practices
Former BMS Mission worker has given us a robust defence of belief in the resurrection - but in our post-modern culture, who is the book for?
Learn more about the life and faith of one of the most influential evangelical theological and spiritual writers of the twentieth century - as well as British Christianity in the 1960s and 70s
'A prophetic noticing and warning of the threat of fragmentation of habitat, as well as the possibilities of reconnection'
Two people, producing two very different types of art, exploring the Psalms: reviews of Malcolm Guite's David’s Crown and Roger Wagner's The Book of Praises
Explores how there really is no other way to go than the way of God’s love - and is filled with challenges on how life needs to be lived out within that love
'The author shows a generous spirit and deserves our respect as a visionary leader, but his book fails to impress'
The book asks the question ‘does messy church create an environment that is likely to sustain lifelong, intentional Jesus-centred living for all ages?’
Balanced and readable exploration of the implications of ethnic diversity on the British Christian landscape
A good introduction if you are overawed by the arguments of the new atheists, pointing out flaws while recognising the constructive criticism
Inspiring, affirming, nourishing and practical - a book for pioneers and those wanting to support and release them
The challenge before us is not to change capitalism's structure but to address the moral vacuum at the core of its current practice, the author argues
A dozen distinguished scholars from a wide range of disciplines and religions explore how sight shapes, and is shaped by, religion
Lots to offer for ministers and churches wanting to explore what it is to be the church in a new season - a timely book
Timely book addressing the issues of violence, sickness, decay and death and their resultant grief in the face of the Christian faith
A short and beautifully illustrated novel for children that explores grief with gentleness and emotional sincerity
Ruth has a gift for explaining her principles for creating a wave of wellbeing in a simple and profound way
An excellent book to start children off on their age-appropriate daily walk with God using language, illustrations and Bible verses that will actually mean something to them
A journey through the new, spiritually aware anti-religions that deny the existence of God
Breadth and depth, simply expressed - the author hopes through his writing the reader will transition from being someone interested in contemplation (the art of peace) to becoming a contemplative
Engaging, intellectually rigorous book which communicates the whole arc of the biblical narrative and shows how its core themes engage with the human condition
The author's passion is to introduce aspects of Celtic spirituality into the routines of contemporary worship
An excellent age-appropriate book about Christmas - except for the evangelistic adult preach in the middle
A refreshing introduction to the life of prayer; an asset for anyone seeking meaning in life, for both new and mature Christians
A reminder for all of us to understand the nature of the neighbourhood and the essential requirements of the local church to meet it adequately
A good presentation of the intellectual arguments in favour of the truth of the Christian faith - but will postmodern thinkers be persuaded?
Fantasy novel which doesn’t preach yet has a hint of depth behind the tale - storytelling at its best
Packed with rich content on every page; much insight and inspiration in raising up young adult leaders
From Genesis to Revelation and back, we are shown signs of the Kingdom of God in the Scriptures with new and imaginative Biblical insights along the way. Can we see more such signs in our own communities?
Green's New Testament commentary is a big picture Bible study with both brevity and depth
This volume profiles ten ‘remarkable individuals' who interacted with religious discourses, doctrines or practices in the 19th and early 20th centuries
An intriguing, deeply moving and occasionally puzzling read, which raises more questions than answers
Just what do you say that is neither trite philosophy, superficial piety nor just plain common sense? Brueggemann offers seven fascinating studies, has a biblical Word for where we are today and brings the Bible alive as a bonus
Based on Hillsong Worship's Grammy-winning song, this is an inventive Christian children’s book that children can identify with
'A remarkable book that graphically elucidates the gospel’s call to women to be present in the world'
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