At the beginning of the year, as Covid-19 cases rose significantly and we entered national lockdown, we recommended to our churches not to open their buildings for in-person meetings.  In the light of the Welsh Government announcement on Friday 19 February and the UK Government announcement on Monday 22 February, which started the process of easing lockdown, we have concluded that it is now appropriate to withdraw this recommendation. 

We encourage churches to consider their own plans for re-opening and take the decisions that are appropriate for their own local circumstances.   Reflecting the still significant levels of cases and risk posed to the community, and given that the general ‘Stay at Home’ rule remains in place in England until 29 March and has no current end date in Wales, it is reasonable for churches to choose to stay closed at this stage. Equally we recognise this is a decision for the local church, and the value of churches meeting together will mean that you may choose to re-open for in-person worship.

As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will continue to update our specific guidance for Baptist churches on what needs to be done to reflect the developments in the law and government guidance.  There is a range of resources below to help churches practically and spiritually during these uncertain times.

Coronavirus - essential advice for churches

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