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Book reviews in 2022

Excellent book for children with questions about the universe and what it means to be human, and interesting for adults too
Taps into the wealth of Christian spiritual practice over the whole course of church history - recommended
Important reading for Baptists - John's recipe is end-to-end theological training for all at whatever level is appropriate for each, and the patterns he identifies from Brazil are visible almost everywhere at some level
Yancey enables the reader to access John Donne’s thoughts in more contemporary English, and this, coupled with his own perceptions, helps us to ponder on what it means to both live and die well
Ministers, leaders, and concerned church members will be indebted to Tina English for this comprehensive and practical guide to ministry among older people
An excellent book about building children's emotional wellbeing for parents, family workers, teachers and preachers, thoroughly based on current research and advice by experts in the field
Attempts to describe wellbeing through short, readable chunks and easily accessible language - an ideal tool for anyone
A really helpful guide on establishing (or re-establishing) times with God: practical and accessible, yet never patronising
Much to learn and think about in this volume which explores a variety of ways of praying and reflecting from the Celtic Christian tradition
Presents a comprehensive guide to the historic debates around the co-existence of scientific investigation and the existence of God - and will hopefully regenerate your faith
Helpful book on navigating the ecological crisis which weaves together the teaching of Jeremiah with the linked ministries of Jonah and Jesus, each of whom came through the chaotic waters of death to deliver a message of hope
A confident call to have confidence in the story - Martyn inspires us to recover our birthright of joyous, effective, living by reclaiming our ability to tell and listen in better ways
McClaren focuses on the how of living well after presenting both the case for and against the Christian faith in this thought-provoking book
'Mike’s great contribution is to call us back to our birthright... Christians really ought to believe in resurrection and should be able to face decline and terminal illness with contentment and in hope'
Lessons learned from and empathy for lesser known women in the Bible, whose stories can resonate with the lives of women today
Commendably aims to encourage every believer to work out where they fit in God’s plan, but could be undermined by the way it is presented
In socialising dinosaurs for a Christian audience, the Carrolls are making an important contribution and also raising deep questions
Raw and honest account following the death of the author's wife of 47 years from cancer
A mix of autobiography and biography, which contains very welcome insights from the career of his wife, Caroline, Paul Beasley Murray sets high standards for everyone he meets - in the tradition of ‘our best for the highest’
An honest, vulnerable, and practical book that affirms the positive role of our tears in the Bible in life, and in faith
Highly recommended for anyone who is seeking God specifically, or simply wants to grow in their relationship with Jesus
Though the buildings of dissenters and nonconformists are largely absent, this is nevertheless a good and compact history of the Christian faith in these Isles, showing how buildings for worship are not simply functional but sacred space
Explores how we ensure church is a place for everyone, including people of different social classes - but it's not a comprehensive examination of class in churches across Britain
Using the liturgical calendar as a roadmap for the journey and peppered with personal recollections and reflections, Strange invites us on a thoughtful, spiritual and open tour of the Catholic faith
'This booklet is so packed with ideas, stories, Biblical insights, and theological reflection that makes it difficult, despite its brevity, to do it justice in a short review'
Highlights five hidden themes our culture can’t stop talking about - and how to connect them to Christ
A short, accessible and well-researched booklet, especially for anyone interested in the possibility of using the gift of mindfulness in a fresh expression of church
Examines senses of place in which people perform religious acts - on a practical level it's an invitation to any religious community to look again at the environment in which it works
Exploring acts of touch in religions of all descriptions (including Christianity)
The church in the West desperately needs the wisdom in this book, an anniversary edition of Willard's writing on spiritual formation, despite some of its cultural irritations
Offers a positive history of Alpha, which nevertheless does not shy away from addressing criticisms. Recommended if you want to understand more about this key part of Christian history in the last 30 years
A book to iron out misunderstandings, reduce fears, remove guilt - and warmly to be commended
An intriguing and stimulating study which re-interprets the text with more attention to social and cultural perspectives here and now
A book of encouragement for us all as we ‘discover the joy of liberating confession’, not as a one-off but a daily dose
'There is much wisdom, poignancy and joy in these 52 devotions'
If we want to change the way we think and bring children up respecting those who are different, this book is essential reading
A crisp summary of how far our society is from its imagined roots, and how Christianity has so shaped our thought
Labour of love documenting many reflections and stories from those involved in the life of the ecumenical chaplaincy of St Albans Cathedral over 40 years
This collage of Bible teaching, research findings and heart-warming stories makes for an encouraging and thought-provoking read
'Every home group would be richly blessed by running a series based on material like this in the coming year'
'No one who is seriously interested in John’s Gospel can fail to benefit from this book, which is both theologically stimulating and spiritually enriching'
Short history documenting a remarkable movement of the Spirit of God sparked by the prayers of two elderly sisters
Shares the question of knowledge of the historical Jesus, in order to refute sceptics who consider that we can know very little about Him - a useful item for students and ministers
A stimulating and stretching read which aims to invite readers to create a monastery within themselves: it would make a good Lent or Advent book
'Should be read by all who are in danger of growing lethargic in their anticipation of Christ’s return'
An engaging devotional book, which has much to commend, particularly if used alongside journalling
Powerful study of Christian communities in Iraq, Gaza, Syria, and Egypt which goes far beyond mere statistics
Paul's desire to consciously ground mourners’ attention in God’s word is a striking contrast with so much funeral preaching
An ESL conversational English teaching resource based around 60 world proverbs, to encourage conversational English, stimulate deep thinking, and connect with Jesus
Yancey's memoir - how on earth did a boy with such a troubled church background become such a gifted writer of God's word?
An honest and detailed autobiographical account of Yancey’s journey of faith, which reveals the impact made by his father’s early death and the consequences of a difficult upbringing
An entertaining, creative retelling of 10 Bible stories that nevertheless does justice to the biblical material
Answers hard questions for children about faith, which catches the eye and gets back to the Bible
Accessible exploration of John's gospel which challenges some long-held views. You may not agree with everything - but it will make you think
A much-needed contribution by young people, which counters myths about their motivations and relationship with Jesus
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