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Book reviews in 2018 

Timothy Dudley-Smith's book contain much of interest, but his dismissal of modern worship songs is a superficial caricature
Brueggemann's wisdom on topics ranging from anxiety and abundance to partisanship and the role of faith in public life
This selection of writings from one of the most creative US theologians of the last 50 years is a must read
Theologian Paul Fiddes ventures into fiction for the first time, and the result is both gripping and complex
The latest in Wright's 'For Everyone' series provides a useful period of preparation for Christmas
Goldsmith's manual on how to run a pre-Alpha style course that explores five big questions is to be applauded
Jesus called people to a way of life - but does Christianity lose its distinctive in Dave Tomlinson's deliberations?
Explores what the Christian faith has to say about freedom - the kind of apologetics we need to be advancing more deeply
This gem of a book features 40 meditations and offers a truly refreshing way to prepare for Christmas
Lots of good ideas in book which explores a relational approach to 21st Century Mission
Has a promising premise, but is undermined by a focus on Catholic theology in Catholic terminology
Krish's well-researched book nails the discussion between those with faith and those without incredibly well
The latest Messy Mini book is engaging and interactive, and unpacks truths about prayer in a family setting
Mike McHargue, a former atheist with a recaptured faith, wants the believer to receive both science and faith
Baptist church member's engaging book highlights the spiritual battle we all fight on a daily basis
Compelling retelling of the grand biblical narrative, with much to stimulate the keen enquirer as well as the believer
Invigorating daily Bible readings which apply the reflection to the world and how we as Christians live within it
A wonderful collection of essays, each addressing an area of vital importance to our Baptist way of being church
A book to savour, giving the reader fresh insight into submitting one's life into the caring arms of the Almighty
Paul Beasley-Murray's useful workbook for couples preparing for marriage has been updated and republished
Highly recommended book on bereavement for any who are grieving and all who are trying to help them
Holy Habits is a new resource to help churches engage with discipleship, but it's not right for our Baptist church
Really honest book documenting the author's daily struggles, and the way she clings to God's promises
Helen Paynter's brief but rich theological reflection will be an asset to anyone wanting to get better informed
A book about justice, where Brueggemann analyses eight Biblical passages in which silence is broken
Useful book about the importance of growing faith, with clear steps on how to go about it
Six well-known writers and broadcasters offer insightful and unorthodox perspectives on the life and death of Christ
Huggett's journey about seeking a deeper relationship with God remains an incredibly helpful and honest book
We tell stories because they help us describe what is important - so what place might we have in the story of God?
Compilation of Henri Nouwen’s correspondence provides a remarkable insight into the life of this influential figure
Tim Noble provides a carefully researched correction to a longstanding traditional binary approach to mission
An easy to read introduction to the subject, which will greatly help Christian leaders to engage with the debate
An at times painful account about church unity, which also conveys the enormous energy that has pervaded the scene
Melancholic yet hopeful, seeking to enable a fresh understanding of owls in the natural world
Biography of a Baptist pastor from Gaza who has met US Presidents affirms the grace of God in the midst of pain
A dispensationalism viewpoint; people who want to know more about Peter would do better to look elsewhere
Entertaining and informative imagining of the life of a woman mentioned briefly in Romans by the apostle Paul
Keller’s book is of help in reflecting on the gloriously maddening task of preaching, even with its US context
All preachers will need to preach in the wake of a crisis; this is a helpful contribution to an important topic
A collection of beautifully constructed poems which explore the human condition and could be reflective readings
For Christians who want their faith to shape their view of the world, this thought-provoking collection of essays is a must
Focuses on God’s otherness and uncontainability: requires careful attention, but rewards the effort
'We should live as Brian McLaren tells us to live, but we should believe far more than he tells us to believe'
A readable introduction to apophasis, an often misunderstood form of spirituality
Reading this stimulating booklet might inspire preachers and teachers to become better storytellers
A good start for anyone wanting to explore for themselves just why we have prophets in our Bible
No better way to journey through Lent than to root our prayer life in the Psalms - and Daffern is a wise guide
Interesting and accessible guide which links the technical aspects of photography to our spiritual lives
A translation by Malcolm Bishop QC, a Baptist with a theology degree, comes is commended by Paul Fiddes
Bible stories retold, using a different narrative voice. The author is a good storyteller, but some issues with accuracy
Wonderful and beautiful book reflects on a painting each day and has the potential to engage all ages in the season of Advent
Ideal for those on the fringes of church as well as for those who want to explore alternative ways of praying through Lent
Accessible story using metaphor of a journey for the Christian life, alongside application
A Study in Conservative Evangelicalism: Phil Hill’s book fills an important gap in 20th century Baptist history
The winner of the Costa Children's Book Award for 2017 will slow your soul and make your heart beat faster
Those wishing to reflect on the witness of their church to those no longer young would be well served by this
Rachel Gardner's up-to-date, no punches pulled, reality-driven book for Christian teens and women is highly recommended
Draws on science and religion, and will challenge Christians to think more deeply about their faith
Centenary edition of chaplain's post-First World War reflection remains as compelling (and contemporary) as ever
Abner Chou's scholarly work on the methodology of the biblical writers themselves is to be welcomed
Well-told account of a redistributive Baptist fund created long before Home Mission
David Kerrigan's excellent and realistic book takes its readers on an unusual Advent journey which offers no trite answers
Keller's focus on Jonah reads well, but is too prescriptive, leaving no room for listeners to hear the voice of God
A bold attempt to make life’s journey for believer and non-believer alike into an adventure – but for whom?
Helpful introduction to Carmelite thinking, but doesn't live up to its subtitle 'a prayer journey through Lent'
Balanced, readable and well researched guide to some of the most important strands in theology today
A book for pastors - and for any Christian - who want the inside story of the pains and triumphs of a Christian leader
Maybe we need to be more ‘Joyced’ in our attitude - but how well does her approach translate to the UK?
Fascinating and meticulously-researched book which charts how church buildings - and how we view them - changed
Rather than interpret and explain the Bible, Meyer reads it through the lens of practical human wisdom
A book about tragedy 'did not resonate with the almost daily, conversations I have with people in an acute hospital'
Palliative care consultant demystifies death and dying in approachable way with inspiring tales of real people
A collection of extracts from Nouwen’s work form 366 daily meditations; ideal for those struggling with feeling loved
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