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The President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain is elected annually and usually takes office at the annual Baptist Assembly held in May.  Our current President, Hayley Young, took office on 14 May 2021.  Tim Presswood was also welcomed as our new Vice-President. 

Click here for more information about the role of our President.
President: The Revd Hayley Young
Vice President: The Revd Tim Presswood

HayleyYoungHayley Young is the Transitional Strategic Leader (Regional Minister) of the Northern Baptist Association.

I have been in local pastoral ministry for 13 years serving in churches in SCBA, CBA, SWaBA and now NBA.  I was called into ministry in my early 20s and was ordained when I was 24 after studying at Spurgeons College. I believe that the local church should be about people who are hungry to live out the way of Jesus.  I believe in the power of God’s word to change lives.   

We are living in a time where things are changing.  Covid-19 made us stop and look at the world around us. 

Many of us where exposed to the ugly truths of divided communities: divide by their race, gender, religion, economic circumstances. These divisions are not just words but a dark reality for many people who are excluded, murdered, discriminated against and more.   But I believe there is hope for our communities. 

Hayley's theme for her presidential year is 'Building a Bigger Table':- 
"As a Baptist Movement we have the opportunity to bring Jesus to our communities by expanding a table: providing the kind of hospitality that Jesus offers.  We have a challenge ahead of us about how we can create a bigger table: to welcome more people. To spend time listening, learning, hearing, knowing and respecting everyone."

Read more about Hayley's theme in the article she wrote for the Summer 2022 edition of Baptists Together magazine.

Home Mission challengeYorkshire Three Peaks Challenge
On 11 September, Hayley and a group of supporters will be taking on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Home Mission.
Click here to find out more.

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Geoff Colmer's theme for his year as President 2021-22 was 'Being attentive to rhythms of grace'.  Read more about Geoff’s theme in the article he wrote for the Summer 2021 edition of Baptists Together magazine.

Find out more about Yinka Oyekan's theme for his year as President  2020-21 at www.howdowegrowfromhere.com

Ken Benjamin's theme for his year as President 2019-20 was Where do we grow from here?   Ken also produced a series of videos and studies for small groups to follow the theme

Please click here to find out more about 'Divine Windows' - the theme for Dave Gregory's year as President 2018-19.

Please click here to access 'As in heaven' - the theme for Dianne Tidball's year as President 2017-18.

Click here to access 'Anointed to do good' - the theme for Rupert Lazar's Presidential Year 2016-17.

Click here to access letters from Jenni Entrican and guest blogs on the Daring Greatly theme of her Presidential year 2015-16.

Click here to access the blog posts from Chris Ellis during his Presidential year 2014-15.

Click here to access the blog posts from Ernie Whalley during his Presidential year 2013-14.


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