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Film reviews 

The new film Pavarotti embraces the tenor's highs and lows - and the distinct sense of stewardship of his voice
Tolkien uncovers how a lonely orphan captured the world’s imagination with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings
The challenging follow-up to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth provides a balance of near-despair and hope
A film in which a linguist is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications
The classic story of Ben Hur is set to reach a new generation, with themes of revenge and forgiveness at its heart
Jimmy McGovern's series about a Catholic priest is one of the most profoundly moving dramas in a very long time
A film that asks questions about the nature of love. Review by Mat Gale
We saw a society without God disintegrate in Channel 4's reality show Eden. What are the lessons for the church?
A film about redeeming wasted years, with an extraordinary performance from Sheila Hancock
The story of a damaged man training for the priesthood portrays faith in a realistic and authentic way
Well-produced and easily understood documentary on the role of UK churches in the slave trade. By Chris Goswami
A review of Free State of Jones, the true story of an insurrection within an insurrection
The harrowing reality of UK poverty is highlighted in Ken Loach's new film - every church should see it
A musical extravaganza that will cause us to think about what we value and worship as we make choices
A portrait of Mary Magdalene, one of the most misunderstood spiritual figures in history, hits UK cinemas this March
The question at the heart of new film Miracles from Heaven
Many films utilise a redemptive story-arc for key characters, but Paddington 2 applies this to everyone
A new BBC series features well-known faces taking on the Camino de Santiago. How will it impact their beliefs?
Silence chooses to press into the most difficult areas of faith - if you are feeling robust, go and see this magnificent film
A documentary about the L'Arche community carries a message which is badly needed in our troubled times
New film is a sympathetic portrait of a Christian woman who spectacularly fell from grace
'A film that will appeal to a broad audience, without being offensive to any; and will stimulate discussion'
A powerful film which is ostensibly about the value of everyone - but shows society is some way from recognising that
A film portraying the Armenian genocide is both an important history lesson and raises questions for today
What would you say if you had the chance to meet God face to face? A question at the heart of The Shack
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