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Book reviews in 2019

Farron is honest about his personal and political shortcomings, writes in a readable, quirky style, and raises some important issues
This in many ways is a helpful guide, but it's not the last word on my father, writes Paul Beasley-Murray
A comprehensive overview of how, throughout history, Christians have read all 76 verses of Bathsheba’s narrative in every way imaginable
Makes links with theology and the horror genre - and a master-class in interpreting film through a Gospel lens
I felt there were really two books here - but I very much hope it helps those struggling with addictions
John Lennox's latest is well worth buying, reading and then lending to friends who think that God and science don’t mix
A Lent book with a different slant: be prepared to be challenged by the teaching of Celtic Christians
A compelling account from a doctor and Baptist minister's daughter diagnosed with early onset dementia
Shows how it is possible to ‘reimagine’ (by seeing jobs as ‘parables’) the actual work as part of God’s intention for individuals and for the world
Holdsworth brings the situations of ordinary readers into conversation with scholarship to help make the text accessible
The gift for making connections is essential for effective preaching and pastoral care. This has it in spades
Well researched biography of this truly remarkable preacher, described here as the first Transatlantic Revivalist
Short essays offering a brief introduction to 20 writers followed by analysis of faith themes that have gripped them
A gem of a book which examines different kinds of prayer, as well as addressing unanswered prayer
For those who have not yet embarked on journaling, this book focusing on Romans might be a good way in
Positive book that explores the 'I am' sayings of Jesus, and will help attentive readers in their life of faith
Baptist church member Terry Young has written two useful books for exploring John's gospel
Transports the Jonah story from the Bible to a science fiction mode. Well told if scarcely believable at times
Impressively wise and original book on church leadership: its advice resonated closely with my experience as a minister
Encourages churches to think about the place of children/young people using an intergenerational model
An important and helpful book on a much neglected subject which will benefit both 'carer’ and ‘cared for'
An excellent compendium of exercises from the Church of Scotland Mission and Discipleship Council
Craig Gardiner's scholarly but readable work which draws on Bonhoeffer and Iona will inform and challenge
Collection of thoughtful essays representing current thinking and practice on a range of missional topics
Biblical and highly practical, a wonderful resource for churches thinking about their role in God’s mission
These were the top five most clicked book reviews in The Baptist Times in 2018
A quest for the historical Jesus which focuses not on what is questionable, but what is certain
Trust in God casts out fear and cultivates a life of trust that flourishes regardless of how certain we feel
‘An experiment in historical imagination’, part novel and part academic study, which both entertains and informs in the world of early Roman Christianity
Carries a real air of authority and integrity from a man who knows how it feels to have loved and lost
Prayers around various passages in the four Gospels; if your church uses liturgical language you will like this a lot
Set of essays which provide a great opportunity to step back and reflect on the what, how and why of being with and working with children
BRF's Really Useful Guides follow the trend towards smaller, shorter books - and are genuinely useful
Much to reflect on, stimulate and enjoy in this collection of essays in honor of Baptist theologian John E Colwell
Excellent apologetics from McGrath - but does apologetics need to be different in our fake news age?
A great book for anyone looking to explore the biblical background of sabbath alongside the tension of what it means to live it out in the world today
The second book in Adrian Plass's series is a page-turning read that documents very real and messy relationships
'One of the great classics of modern spirituality, newly reissued. I would recommend it without hesitation'
Important set of essays that encourage us to read the Bible through the lens of a disability hermeneutic
Reprint of books published in 2013 and 2014; but the re-tellings reinforce a cosy fiction
'The most helpful and important book published on Christian social action in the last 20 years'
Recommended for anyone who finds themselves ‘too busy’, and doesn't know what to do about it
Well-written and focused on Jesus, but has a flawed understanding of Revelation, writes Spurgeon's tutor and author
An exploration of a reading that we are saved not by our faith in Christ, but the faith of Christ
Not a self-help manual of answers, but a window which can increase self-understanding
A warm, enthusiastic presentation of ‘principles and strategies for effective evangelism today’
As ever Page writes well, but there are weaknesses in some of the interpretations he presents
A collection of essays which addresses a post-truth culture - we dare not avoid its challenge
The Archbishop of York's Advent book features 25 meditations which stimulate the reader to find their own voice rather than ‘the preacher’s’
Butcher is an astute guide to the exhausting dilemmas that swirl around the three faiths and two peoples in Jerusalem
Explores how we might create more inclusive church communities; recommended reading for all Baptists
Paul Kerensa's little gem will provide great material for sermons, and should be prescribed on the NHS
Comprehensive introduction for those new to the questions it explores; new insights for those familiar with the subject
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