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ObituaryA place to remember and mark the contribution of people across our Union.
Contact us to place a death notice in the Baptist Times News Round-up or share an obituary.

Visit our archive for all obituaries from 2013. 

Lists of Ministers and mission personnel who have died, as shared at our annual Assembly, can be found in our Online Directory.


In Memoriam

Click on the names below to read the obituary:
The Revd Bob Mills: 1944-2022 
The Revd Samuel Brian Thomas: 1935-2022 
The Revd Dr Alison V Fuller: 1945-2022 
The Revd David A. Clark: 1929-2022 
The Revd Philip Kearney: 1940-2022
The Revd Roger Aldersley: 1939-2022 
The Revd Brian Hill: 1934-2022 
The Revd Dr Derek Boyd Murray: 1936-2022
F Graham Sunderland: 1932-2022 
The Revd Robert Geoffrey Green: 1948-2021 
The Revd George Ronald Phillips: 1942-2022 
The Revd Barry Vendy: 1947-2022
The Revd Peter Webb: 1940-2022 
The Revd Dr Steve Latham: 1957-2022 
Janet Catherine Ruddick: 1934-2021 
The Revd Alan Hellawell BD: 1932-2021 
The Revd Dr Rosemary J M Kidd: 1948-2022 
The Revd Carol McCarthy: 1940-2021
Susan Hills: 1950-2021  
Dr Michael Griffiths: 1928-2022
The Revd Elsie Howell (nee Martin): 1941-2022
Keith Arthur Rawlinson: 1934-2021 
The Revd Richard Alfred Soar: 1942–2021 
The Revd Stephen Lomas: 1954-2021 
The Revd Wilfred Bryan Stanbury: 1940–2021  
The Revd Dr Robert Alastair Campbell: 1942-2021 
The Revd Robert Howie (Bob) Younger: 1935-2021
The Revd Michael Andrew Smith: 1949-2021 
The Revd Geoffrey Whitfield MBE: 1933-2017
Cynthia Mavis Helen Dowdeswell: 1931-2021 
Eric Rowland Mountford: 1932-2021 
Denis Stuart MacGregor MBE: 1935-2021 
The Revd Ruth Ann Davis: 1943-2021
Jean Trueman (nee McKee): 1933–2021
The Revd Ronald Rivers: 1932–2021 
The Revd Jeremy Sewell: 1960-2020 
The Revd Peter Wilson: 1933–2020 
The Revd Geoffrey Wilson: 1929-2021 
The Revd James Donaldson: 1927-2021
Kevin Mayhew: 1942-2021 
Ruth Beasley-Murray: 1922-2020 
The Revd Dr Daniel Hugh Matthews: 1936-2020 
David Young: 1935-2020 
Peter Briggs: 1926-2020
The Revd Stephen James Harvie MA: 1950-2020 
The Revd Peter David Manson BSc BD: 1938-2020 
The Revd Clifford James Thomas: 1927-2020 
Derek Neal: 1938-2020
The Revd Roy William Thomas Fellows: 1936-2020 
The Revd Joy Males: 1931-2020 
The Revd Patrick Ingle: 1942-2020 
The Revd Charles John Sutherland: 1931-2020 
The Revd David Harper: 1932-2020 
The Revd James (Jim) Renton Cargill: 1920-2020
The Revd Knud Wümpelmann: 1922-2020
The Revd Michael Banfield: 1948-2020
The Revd Ronald Messenger: 1923–2019 
Sir John Houghton: 1931-2020 
Jessie Winifred Harris: 1928-2019 
Paul Montacute: 1946-2020  
The Revd Douglas Charles Sparkes MA BD: 1927-2020
The Revd Frank Wiltshire: 1921-2019  
Mr Peter Norman Clark LLB: 1924-2019 
The Revd Simon Farrar: 1956-2019 
The Revd Peter Dennis Chevill: 1924-2019   
The Revd Gerald (Gee) Christopher Hemp: 1953-2019
Joan Morris: 1921-2019 
The Revd Jack Ramsbottom: 1926-2019 
Maureen Cox (nee Smith): 1935-2016   
The Revd Peter G Whiting: 1930-2019 
The Revd Ronald Smy: 1928-2019   
The Revd Eric Laing: 1934-2019
The Revd Allan Cox: 1934-2019   
The Revd Tasker Rhydwyn Lewis: 1925-2019   
The Revd Mike Wood: 1941-2018
The Revd Bob Simpson: 1937-2018   
The Revd Stanley Goodall: 1914-2018  
The Revd John Lewis: 1957-2018 
The Revd Brian Barker: 1931-2018 
The Revd Dennis Edgar Weller: 1928-2018 
The Revd Peter Egginton: 1927-2018  
The Revd Kenneth Balsom: 1921-2018 
The Revd Terence Tatton: 1919-2018
The Revd Rowland Graham Cole: 1937–2018   
The Revd Derek George Taylor: 1927-2018  
Mrs Joyce Evelyn Greenway, nee Wright: 1929-2018 
Jim Stapleton: 1932-2018
The Revd Richard H Walker: 1936-2018 
The Revd Sister Margaret Jarman CPP BD: 1932-2018
The Revd Graham Charles Clay: 1953-2018
The Revd Dr Dafydd G Davies: 1922-2017
The Revd Billy Graham: 1918-2018
The Revd Barbara Stanford: 1936-2017
The Revd Barrie Smith: 1951-2017 
The Revd Hugh G Cross MBE: 1930-2017
The Revd Dr Marie Isaacs: 1936-2016
The Revd David John Cave 1947-2017
The Revd Dennis Floodgate: 1926-2017 
Arthur Thomas Markie OBE: 1920-2017
The Revd Norman Trussler: 1921-2017 
The Revd Ralph John Stephens: 1925-2017
The Revd Cyril Millwood: 1928-2017
The Revd John Comins: 1940-2017 
The Revd Graham Ingram: 1936-2017
The Revd Alan Hugh Edwards: 1929-2017
Mrs Betty Margaret Andrews Sutton: 1932-2017
The Revd Norman Leslie Harris: 1927-2017
The Revd William Maurice Heath: 1928-2017 
The Revd Barry L Cocker: 1944-2017
Clarice Morgan: 1919-2014
The Revd Bernard Green: 1925-2013
Professor Graham Ashworth CBE
The Revd Keith Hobbs: 1937-2017
The Revd Walter Wragg: 1914-2013
Sir Godfray Le Quesne, QC
The Revd Margaret Piper (née Phillips): 1925-2016 
The Revd Ernest M. Forward: 1927-2016  
The Revd Thomas Paterson (Tom) Gillies: 1928-2017 
The Revd Stan Woods: 1936-2016
The Revd Steve Bond: 1959–2016 
Mrs Catherine Nora Parkinson, nee Fleming: 1919-2016 
The Revd Dr Barrington Raymond White: 1934-2016 
The Revd Donald Bridge: 1931-2016
Clifford Challinor: 1933-2016
The Revd Frank Boyd: 1940–2016 
The Revd John Roderick Peck: 1924-2016 
Mrs Joyce Stockley: 1924-2016
The Revd David Newman: 1932-2016
The Revd Stephen Lawrence Moore: 1939–2016  
The Revd David Geoffrey John Piggott: 1925–2016 
The Revd Dr Frederick Adorkorbidji: 1954-2016
The Revd Bernard Gordon Hastings: 1929-2015
The Revd Brian Tucker: 1934–2015
The Revd Reginald Charles Dalton: 1922-2014
The Revd Frank Amos Goodwin: 1914-2014 
The Revd George Reginald Neal: 1929-2015
The Revd Francis Davis Cobley: 1928-2015 
The Revd Daniel Weller: 1932-2015
The Revd Peter Lanigan: 1955-2015 
The Revd Malcolm Purdy: 1930-2015
The Revd Patrick Goodland MBE: 1929-2014 
Dr David Robin Goodbourn: 1948-2014
The Revd Arthur Walter Francis: 1913-2014  
The Revd John Frederick Vernon Nicholson MA: 1928-2014
The Revd Mavis Beamont: 1933-2014
The Revd Peter Saunders: 1930-2014 
The Revd Dr W C R Hancock: 1927-2014
The Revd A. Glyn Morris: 1916-2013
The Revd Basil Amey: 1928-2014
Pastor Robert Frederick Dunlop: 1938-2014
The Revd Ron Mason: 1922-2013
The Revd Gordon Derek Palmer: 1951-2013
The Revd Donald MacKenzie: 1926-2013
The Revd Geoffrey Norman Fewkes: 1942-2013
The Revd Wyndham Rees: 1928-2013 
The Revd T. Aneurin Davies: 1918-2013
Raymond Frederick Rose: 1936-2013
Trevor Wilfred Davis: 1931-2013
Geoffrey Marshall: 1939-2013
Olive Davison: 1920-2013
Alice Rowsell: 1911-2013
Peter Hicks: 1940-2013
The Revd John Bedford: 1931-2013
William A. D. Whyte: 1927-2013
John Cuthbertson Dye: 1913-2013
David S. Burnett Jones: 1923-2013
Ralph Philip Martin: 1925-2013
Professor Eric W Ives OBE
Philip Walter Withers: 1929-2013
Michael Edwin Cole: 1935-2012
Graham Sturton: 1928-2013
Glyn Phillip Rhys Prosser: 1928-2013
Edward Price-Stephens: 1922-2013
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A large congregation at Keynsham Baptist Church for a service of thanksgiving for the life and ministry of Bob Mills. They came to celebrate a man whose sensitive pastoral ministry and city centre chaplaincy had touched the lives of countless people
Baptist minister who served in Leicester and retired in Dorset, but never forgot his Welsh roots
A determined woman, often referred to as a trailblazer
Baptist minister who spoke constantly of the amazing, forgiving love of his Lord and served Him with enthusiasm and faithfulness
A self-effacing, kind, considerate man; an outstanding pastor, who really cared about his flock A tribute given by Philip's wife Joan at his funeral
Of all the former ministers of West End Baptist Church in Westbury, Wiltshire, none are more affectionately remembered than the Revd Roger Aldersley
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    Posted: 28/01/2022
    Posted: 29/01/2021
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