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The need for justice (particularly racial justice) to be more clearly seen as being at the heart of God’s mission was a key theme at the Baptist World Alliance Annual Gathering, writes Gale Richards. What might this mean for your church's context?
I was one of the hundreds of thousands who chose to wait in line to walk past the coffin of our late Queen, writes Baptist minister Esther Mason. Here are my reflections
The new King’s aspiration to be Defender of Faith encapsulates how both the established church and monarchy have changed - and should receive a qualified welcome. By Nigel Wright
Amid the pomp and precision of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, Archbishop Justin Welby’s sermon was so vital, writes Jon Kuhrt
Former General Secretary David Coffey had the privilege of meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and many times observing her on duty on national occasions. He shares this reflection
As well as being our Head of State, she was also one of us, and, in a sense, that's what made her so special
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