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Small Church Hubs

SmallChurchConnexionAssemblyStIt was great to be at the Baptist Assembly in Bournemouth and meet up with people from all over the country. There were many conversations about the smaller churches in Baptists Together and how to encourage and resource each other more effectively.

We are exploring the setting up of Small Church Hubs, and envisage a centre in each county or local area to bring the smaller churches together for training, events, celebrations and resourcing. There are, of course, events which are held, but sometimes are too far for many to travel.

Let’s dream about hubs, in small or large church buildings, which have a car park (or are near a station) and good facilities which are openhearted and welcoming. Let’s make the opportunities to meet, talk, pray, listen and dream about how God wants his church to reach out to those who are lost. To ask ‘What is in your hand? Who have you got? How are they gifted? What are they passionate about? We need to be having these conversations and embracing adventure in this new and uncertain post-Covid world.   

If you would like to explore the idea of your church being a hub, do contact Hilary Taylor.   

Be encouraged by this quote by Michael Langrish from his book Dynamics of Community
  • In a big world, the small church can remain intimate.
  • In a fast world, the small church can remain steady.
  • In a complex world, the small church can remain simple.
  • In a noisy world, the small church can be a place for listening.
  • In an anonymous world, the small church is where everyone knows your name
  • In a fake world, the small church can remain genuine
Click here for reports of our Small Church Hub gatherings.
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