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Small Church Connexion

Small Church Connexion (SCC) was formed in 2003 as an initiative by the London Baptist Association (LBA) to network the Baptist churches with less than 40 people across London.  The Small Church Enabler role was introduced in 2007 to be a link person between the smaller churches and the Regional Team.

The idea of a Small Church Connexion can be replicated in other areas of the country.
LBA Database

The LBA Volunteers Database is a valuable resource run by the Small Church Connexion, which is available to all LBA churches, encouraging inter-church resourcing.

It is a database of people who volunteer to preach, lead worship, offer musical skills, help for treasurers etc.  We have many preachers but need more people with the other skills, so we don’t disappoint churches asking for help.

We have now extended the scope of the database to people in ANY church who are skilled or could give advice to someone in another local church. The skills could range from training a secretary or a Sunday school teacher, to advising how to organise Messy church, a building project or running a coffee shop.  ALL skills are welcome!

There is a response form for each volunteer to complete, then the church Leadership Team and church meeting endorse them in volunteering.  The form is sent to the Database Manager, who will contact them with more details.  The database information is NOT published, but kept by only by the Manager who subscribes to the LBA Data Protection Policy.

It is an inter-church resourcing, kingdom thinking project which encourages work with others in our Baptist family across London.
It takes one person with a computer and a heart to serve.
Our newsletter editor sends out a newsletter four times a year to every small church minister and secretary, to all District, Regional ministers and Directors of the LBA.  It keeps everyone in touch and makes sure that no one is forgotten.  News, events, reviews and mission ideas are collated and circulated.
It takes one person with a computer and a heart to serve.
When asked, small churches don’t usually ask for money, but people. Small church, I have found, is the best training ground for serving God and each other in many ways.  Although people are willing, they often lack the skills or knowledge.  Training would be helpful but a day’s course won’t help much.

What is the best way to learn? Someone doing the job alongside you for a period of time.

Mission@home is the scheme that Small Church Connexion are running, releasing kingdom gifts across London, with mission in mind.  Small churches are always looking for ways to grow – they have to be mission minded.

Many people have energy, experience and time when they retire and want to do something for God.  There are some good examples of this working already - such as two retired lay people each giving their churches five years to come to a place to receive a full-time minister.  Hopefully, people of all ages will rise to the challenge and use their skills to make a difference.

Think of it as mission@home.  Many people would love to go on overseas mission but can’t afford it or have visa or health issues.  There are plenty of opportunities in London – the city where the world comes to us!   From inner city to leafy suburbs.  This is mission, to offer skills and experience to another church, to teach others so they can continue when the time is up.

That’s part of the attraction – there is an agreed time limit – 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Each volunteer will have a different skill set and experience and so will be placed where they fit best.  I asked small churches at our latest event what areas of church life could use a volunteer for a period of time and they said:
  • Assisting various projects in our church
  • To help us run a youth discipleship Freedom in Christ course
  • Help with children
  • Spiritual father for young men
  • Worship - evangelism - ministry to men
  • Youth Activities
We have been approached so far to provide someone who can:
  • Help the new secretary and treasurer to build basic infrastructure
  • Provide three months leading of the church so minister can go on sabbatical
Small church people can work be on mission too – this is not just a large church helps small church project.  People from small churches are LBA directors, District Ministers, lay preachers, part of Small Church Connexion to name but a few.  In Acts 13, Paul and Barnabas were part of the leadership and were sent out to do mission.  Our first volunteer was an elder in a large church.  Anyone can join the scheme.

Click here to download the Small Church Connexion Strategy Document
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