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Inspiring Leadership Programme

Christians in Business Stream:

This stream is aimed at those who wish to explore a call to Christian witness in a professional vocation (for example, law, accountancy, marketing, HR) those who wish to pursue an entrepreneurial career with the aim of growing a successful business based on kingdom values.

Where will your support come from during placement?

  • Programme mentor – UK

Before you begin placement in Jamaica we will pair you with a UK business mentor. This person will remain as your programme mentor for the duration of the programme and for a period of one year or more during your return, with the aim of helping you prepare for your placement and to help you make the best of that learning experience on your return to the UK.

  • Business  mentor in – Jamaica

The JBU will arrange for an experienced business person to offer you a real insight into the working of their business or organisation. They will often be a successful business entrepreneur who is well regarded in the local business community.

What will my placement period look like?

  • Stage 1 – Business Induction 

You will be expected to work as part of the business for the two month period so, so an outline of basic duties will be provided and a business buddy will be appointed so that you have someone to go to with daily questions and concerns. Having a set of work tasks to do will be an important part of building your understanding of the business and contributing to the business.

  • Stage 2- Work Shadowing

Your business mentor will develop a programme of work shadowing days for you so that you have a real chance to see them at work and to understand the skills and knowledge they bring to their work. We hope they will introduce you to a range of networks – beneficial for future business opportunities.

  • Stage 3- Your own project

In conjunction with your mentor/ buddy you will deliver a business project during your placement period. This could be market research, problem solving… you will be asked to present your idea to those you are working with.

Building your skills and understanding
  • Understanding the key drivers, strategies and operational processes of the business.
  • Understanding how your mentor operates in his/ her world- including their ethical position, approach with staff, how profit is achieved and reinvested.
  • Your induction process and tasks you take on, including your own assessment of your performance
  • Increasing your confidence and abilities in the world of business

Placement Review
Before you leave Jamaica your mentor and host family will help you reflect on your stay. They will provide you with feedback on your learning, approach to work, church activities and general growth.  We hope that the young person will be able to take their skills back to Edmonton Baptist church. 

Please contact Wale Hudson-Roberts to find out more

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For those who wish to explore a call to Christian witness in a professional vocation
For young people considering whether God might be leading into church ministry