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Autumn 2022 edition:

Diverse people, common ground

BaptistsTogetherMag Autumn2022We find ourselves in disorientating times. How then, shall we live?  
That was a question posed by Alan Donaldson in his Sunday morning sermon at the Baptist Assembly. Rather than a specific three or five point plan, Alan highlighted what he termed a broad direction of travel, one which begins by dwelling in Jesus. Jesus unites us all: he calls us, nourishes us and sends us. We all seek to serve him. Moreover, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jesus is the only place to start and, as Alan stressed, he holds us as we go.  
But where we go from there differs from person to person, church to church, mission setting to mission setting, for while there is much we share, we all live out and understand this call on our lives in different ways and contexts. This much is evident from the Baptist Assembly in May and the edition of Baptists Together magazine which preceded it.

In both, there was a conversation and connection theme where spaces were created to hear from and listen to each other. Many took the opportunity to do so, and this edition reflects some of the messages shared at the Assembly and beyond, and the different ways Baptists are serving Jesus in mission and evangelism.   

It’s a collection of pieces captured by a photograph taken of footprints in the Bournemouth sand when hundreds of us flocked to the south coast in May, and has become the edition’s theme: Diverse people, common ground. ‘Our purpose at the Assembly was to reflect our diversity and celebrate it on our common ground’, writes Craig Gardiner, the Cardiff Baptist College tutor who took the photo. Offering his own reflection of what the image conveys, Craig argues that unity in diversity is perhaps our most compelling characteristic as Baptists, and it is in working through our differences, by being both receptive and hospitable to each other, as well as having a willingness to confront, that we will arrive at a deeper understanding of God, his mission, and our part in it.
The times are disorientating, and the way ahead is not clear. But does this give us an idea for how we shall live?

Click here for the Autumn 2022 edition.

The key articles in the magazine are featured below:
Something is dying
Something is dying and something is not yet born
An edited transcript of Alan Donaldson’s Sunday morning sermon at the 2022 Baptist Assembly More ...
voices from
Voices from Baptist Assembly 2022
This year’s Baptist Assembly had the theme of connection and conversation, and there was a range of ways delegates could voice their thoughts. This is a flavour of what was shared and heard More ...
To The Angel
To the Angel of Baptists Together
Ben Lucas was part of a team of intentional listeners at this year's Assembly and presented what was heard in the form of a creative letter More ...
Let's inspire
Let's inspire one another in all we do
Hayley Young (President 2022-23) and Lynn Green (General Secretary) gather round a table for a conversation More ...
Core of Missio Dei
The core of Missio Dei is evangelism
Seidel Abel Boanerges of Spurgeon’s College responds to the most upvoted question on Slido at this year’s Baptist Assembly More ...
Diverse People
Diverse people, common ground
Unity in diversity is perhaps our most compelling characteristic as Baptists. But how can we reach our potential amid conflict? Craig Gardiner offers this reflection More ...
Sharing Faith
Sharing faith in relevant and real ways
Chris Duffett shares reflections from 123GO, an evangelistic outreach that took place in Easter 2022 – and is happening again next year More ...
We don't begin with confrontation
Why evangelism is best done ‘up close’ and not from a distance. By William Wade More ...
Conversation Starters
Conversation Starters
Presentations at this year’s Baptist Assembly on the question 'What is the conversation you would like the Baptist family to have together over the coming year?' More ...
Young People
Listening to our young people
Listening and feedback played an important role during the youth stream at the Baptist Assembly. These are some of the themes which emerged More ...
Prayers around the table
Compiled by Amanda Pink - a Baptist minister and Team Chaplain at Milton Keynes University Hospital More ...

For other articles from this edition, please see the 'Stories from the Ground' section.
A printed copy of the magazine is being sent to each minister, church secretary and church treasurer and additional copies are available to purchase from our online shop.
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