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Time to Reflect?

After Jesus’ resurrection the disciples stepped out into a completely new world.  It was a world they didn’t understand at all and the disciples were frequently hidden behind locked doors or searching to find the familiar; they had much still to learn!  Throughout this time Jesus walks the journey with them and in a very grounded way, in the midst of the realities of life.   Jesus walked with them, all the way from Jerusalem to Emmaus, and he ate with them.  Jesus talked with the disciples through the strangeness and he gently restored them.  He breathed his blessing of peace over them and opened up their hearts to the story of God.
Today we too walk in a strange land, on new paths we have not walked before and we want to take time to walk with Jesus and to hear God’s story revealed to us in different ways.
This part of the website will help us to take time to receive the Lord’s blessing of peace over us and to be present with Jesus so that we can learn something of our presence in this strange world.  Maybe, on our journey, we too will be able to  speak peace and hope in the dark places of our communities today.

A prophetic moment? Developing a rhythm of resilience  
Let us allow our devotional roots to grow deeper, to gain the strength of Christ, through His Spirit - and in taking His yoke upon us, become a pastoral presence within our communities and the gospel voice that our context so desperately needs to hear More ...
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Casting a longer light800
Casting a longer light 
A reflection on experiencing and seeing beyond the current darkness. By Shaun Lambert More ...
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Circling prayers and other reflections
These simple prayers speak of God’s protective 'circling' presence. Now with further reflections - from Carolyn Urwin More ...
Finding the inner cathedral of peace
Baptist minister Shaun Lambert offers some simple but profound spiritual exercises to help handle heightened anxiety and stress during this Coronavirus pandemic More ...
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Analogue Digital Card
Imagining a new normal: analogue and digital  
How do we integrate old and new into a better future? In this long read, Bruce Murray highlights some of the areas churches may wish to consider More ...
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Jesus the Emmaus Road Companion 
Baptist ministers John Rackley and John Weaver have been working on a project called Faith Journey as Theology, exploring how their lived Christian lives shape their theology More ...
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Learning to communicate [again] - finding fruit 
The lack of in-person meeting has meant we have forgotten how to communicate with understanding. Inspired by the book of Galatians, here are some things to keep in mind as we begin to see one another again. By Claire Nicholls More ...
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GatheringUpTheCrumbs Card
Reflections from Gathering up the Crumbs
A selection of reflections from this new book - for personal use or when leading worship More ...
NWBA Reflections
Reflections from the North Western Baptist Association
Weekly reflections that you can use personally or in collaboration with a friend More ...
The Cross and lament800
The Cross and lament
In this time of loss, disorientation and pain, a true spirit of lament is demanded - Wale Hudson-Roberts reflects theologically on Covid-19 More ...
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Self care800
The Curious Case of Daisy the Dog
Reflections on how pastors can practise some sensible self-care in this most challenging of times More ...
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The Emmaus story as a model for ministry  
The Emmaus Road experience is more than a story of what happened once upon a time, writes John Weaver. It is a blueprint of what being a follower of the post-Resurrection Christ means More ...
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The gift of contemplation in the midst of COVID 19
A reflection from Jane Day - Contemplation is essential in times of uncertainty and rapid change More ...
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The melting pot of honesty  
The church’s form may well have changed greatly by the time we emerge from this global pandemic. As we patiently seek Christ, Craig Gardiner highlights a refining virtue More ...
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There are holy feet to be sat at...
A reflection from Jane Day - indulging in God's love and sitting at his feet More ...
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Tour of the Bible with Helen Paynter
Rev Dr Helen Paynter, Tutor at Bristol Baptist College is using her time at home to develop a daily vlog. She is taking a tour through the Bible and you are invited to join her. More ...
Fix eyes on Jesus800
What difference does Easter make?
The risen Jesus is the living Jesus, and Easter means we do not stop seeking to understand, respond and follow Him More ...
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Why is it SO challenging to live through this pandemic?
A look at four reasons why our minds are struggling in these strangest of times More ...
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Zoom ecclesiology800
Zoom ecclesiology: the Church scattered and gathered 
Baptist theologian Paul Fiddes explores the forms covenant, fellowship and body are taking virtually More ...
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Weekly reflections that you can use personally or in collaboration with a friend