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Core Leadership Team

The Core Leadership Team is a new Team that has been created in place of the Baptist Steering Group and is part of our exploring of a ‘dual operating’ approach for Baptists Together.

The Core Leadership Team (CLT) is an expression of covenant and interdependence for us as Baptists.  It draws together many of those offering leadership across our Movement (Regional Team Leaders, College Principals, Specialist Team Leaders, our President, Treasurer, General Secretary, the Moderators of Council and the Trustee Board, together with a leader from each of our current priority areas) and its purpose is to perceive what God is doing, to encourage flourishing across Baptists Together and to model together what it means to be a Kingdom Movement. 

To view the reports from each meeting click here.

Mission. Marriage
Click here for a letter from the Core Leadership Team sent to all ministers and churches on 21 June 2022.

The current members of the Core Leadership Team are:
Regional Minister Team Leaders
The Revd Lisa Kerry
Central Baptist Association
LisaKerry July 2022
The Revd Mark Clay
East Midland Baptist Association
MarkClay (002) MP July 2020
The Revd Beth Powney 
Eastern Baptist Association
BethPowney (002)MP July 20
The Revd Adrian Argile
Heart of England Baptist Association
AdrianArgile (002)MP July 20
The Revd Phil Barnard
London Baptist Association
PhilBarnard (002)MP July 20
The Revd Phil Jump
North Western Baptist Association
The Revd Hayley Young
Northern Baptist Association
Hayley Young (002)
The Revd Joth Hunt
South Eastern Baptist Association
JothHunt MP August 2022
The Revd Mark Fairweather-Tall
South Wales Baptist Association
MarkFairweatherTall (002) MP J
The Revd Nigel Manges
South West Baptist Association
NigelManges (002)MP July 20
The Revd Carl Smethurst
South West Baptist Association
CarlSmethurst (002)MP July 20
The Revd Colin Norris
Southern Counties Baptist Association
ColinNorris (002)MP July 20
The Revd Gary Woodall
West of England Baptist Network
GaryWoodall MP
The Revd Graham Ensor
Yorkshire Baptist Association
GrahamEnsor (002) MP July 2020
College Principals
The Revd Dr Anthony Clarke
Regent's Park College
AnthonyClarke (003)MP
The Revd Dr Steve Finamore
Bristol Baptist College
SteveFinamore (003)MP 1
The Revd Dr Glen Marshall
Northern Baptist College
GlenMarshall (002)MP July 20
The Revd Dr Clara Rushbrook
Northern Baptist College
ClaraRushbrook (002) MPJuly 20
The Revd Rosa Hunt
South Wales Baptist College
RosaHunt (002)MP July 20
The Revd Ed Kaneen
South Wales Baptist College
EdKaneen (002)MP July 20
The Revd Prof Philip McCormack
Spurgeon's College
PhilipMcCormack (002)MP July 2
Specialist Team Leaders
Ms Rachel Stone
HR and Safeguarding
RachelStone (002)MP July 20
The Revd Diane Watts
Faith and Society
DianeWatts (002)MP July 20
The Revd Tim Fergusson
Ministries (Interim)
TimFergusson MP August 2020
Mr Richard Wilson
Support Services
RichardWilson TN (002)
Other Key Members  
The Revd Seidel Abel Boanerges
Moderator of Council
SeidelAbelBoanerges (002)
The Revd Andrew Cowley
Acting Moderator of the BUGB Trustee Board
Andrew Cowley
The Revd Hayley Young
Hayley Young (002)
Mr John Levick
JohnLevick (002) MP July 2020
The Revd Lynn Green
General Secretary
LynnGreen (002) MP July 2020
Current Priority Areas
The Revd Sandra Crawford
Embrace Adventure in Mission
SandraCrawford MP June 2022
The Revd Tim Fergusson
Leadership Development/Ignite
TimFergusson MP August 2020
The Revd Clare Hooper
Children, Youth and Families Round Table
ClareHooper (003)MP August 202
The Revd Andrew Ginn
Young Adults
AndrewGinn (002) MP
To be confirmed
Digital Revolution
The Revd Ken Benjamin KenBenjamin

Ms Amie Buhari
AmieBuhari (002)
Mrs Judith Miller JudithMiller (002)MP
The Revd Yinka Oyekan YinkaOyekan TN (002)MP
The Revd Gale Richards GaleRichards (002)MP

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An update from Lynn and the Core Leadership Team on 21 June 2022
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