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October 2018


Re: Walking with Samantha 

What a testimony. I'm so pleased to see such articles being written and published. As a member of a Baptist Church and as a mother of a transgender child it is so important that we can share our experiences and in doing so ensure that our churches become spaces of diversity, accepting and loving of all those who feel marginalised in whatever way.
Kirsty Collins (via Facebook)

Moving and a help to those of us who have not experienced this situation. May the Lord Jesus continue to be with you all, especially Samantha Angela xx
Carol Ann Stunell (via Facebook)

Thank you for sharing your story
Charlotte Kyberd (via Facebook)

Thank you for sharing. ‘Now these things remain, faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love’
Linda 'Jenkins' Parsons (via Facebook)

Thank you for your honesty, faith, guidance and wisdom; needed here too. God's perfect love casts out fear.
RE Jones (via Twitter)

Thank you for publishing this article. It shows the struggle we as parents, pastors and Christians have with this subject and how we should support those working through this. It was a great help at a time when the church is facing issues that can so easily divide it. A great article by courageous Christian.
The Revd Timothy Burt

I’ve just read the letters in response to my ‘Walking with Samantha’ story. Thank you all so much for your positivity and encouragement. Hoping we can get to a place where our churches can enable all Christians to serve and be what Christ wants us to be, irrespective of sexuality, gender or other differences. In prayerful expectation.
Samantha's mum


Re: The church stepping into the breach 

I agree that the church should step in, but pressure needs to be put on government to actually fund support services and councils properly. I would be concerned that the government would use it as a get out of jail free card over poor social policy.
Adrian Smith (via Twitter)

I think there needs to be a closer relationship between church and state to solve a whole variety of problems. Homelessness, poverty, Universal Credit poverty, use of Foodbanks, work to combat modern slavery. @capitalmass @TogSouthwark lead the way in educating people
Some councils already seem to rely too much on money from churches, thinking they can buy someone a washing machine for example when @turn2us_org is the proper place to go
Adrian Venditti (via Twitter)



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