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March 2022 


A-z WellbeingRe: Wellbeing - we talk about it a lot, but do we know what it is?  

Cannot recommend this book enough. A practical and brilliant way to look after your well-being. Read it for your self and pass it on to others. Ruth is a brilliant writer and everything she says comes from lived experience. 
Nate Jones (via Twitter)


Patriarch Kirill of Moscow 202Re: An open letter to His Holiness, Patriarch Kirill, Moscow
The Russian Orthodox Church has a lot of influence which it does not use to speak out against the many abuses by the Russian Government and the FSB. Instead of only caring about its status, they should go back to the Bible and proclaim a biblical worldview.
Greg Smith (via Facebook)

Sarah Bingam (via Facebook)

Singleness800Re: Singleness, marriage, and church ministry today  

What's been most encouraging since the book came out is people (single&coupled) getting in touch to say they found challenge & encouragement in tracing the story of singleness & marriage leading to today, & that they feel more hopeful for the future. For that,I'm really grateful.
Lina Toth (via Twitter)

Lisa Kerry800Re: Lisa Kerry appointed CBA Regional Minister Team Leader
An exciting appointment for CBA - will be much missed by us all here at CGBC!! 
Rachel Mead (via Facebook)

Welcome Lisa to CBA, hope to see you in the future.
Charles D Chambers (via Facebook)

Congratulations Lisa
Gilson Gwendu (via Twitter)


Joth Hunt800Re: Joth Hunt appointed SEBA Regional Minister Team Leader 
Delighted for you, Joth
John Claydon (via Facebook)

So sad to lose you Joth, but SCBA’s loss is SEBA’s gain. God bless and keep you in all things.
Patricia Criddle (via Facebook)

Congratulations Joth, you will be missed in SCBA! Blessings in your new role.
Nick Hudson (via Facebook)

Welcome to you and Sue, Joth, as you join our SEBA team
Pamela Kerley (via Facebook)

Congratulations on getting such a fantastic addition to your team. You will, as always, be a real blessing Joth. Praying for you all.
Rachel Pilkington (via Facebook)

Fred and Pam Atkins800Re: 'Faithfulness over 100 years is an amazing testimony to God’s grace'
Happy “100th Birthday” Blessings to Mr. FRED ATKINS! Faithful in service unto The LORD! We pray ?? for many more wonderful & blessed, healthy years for Mr. Fred (& his wife, Mrs. Pam) to celebrate!
Pauline Dawkins-Cole (via Facebook)


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