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God moving in Reading

It is a year since I shared my vision of Beacons of Prayer and invited Baptists to pray with me, to wait on the Lord and make space for him to do his 'new thing'.  I ended that first post by saying that I had no idea what the Lord was going to do!  In these last few weeks God has been moving in Reading - over 1,000 people have been prayed with on the streets of Reading. 

On Sunday, I was able to go to The Gate to hear more and I was invited to share with them.  Here is what I said, it is a 15 min video but I believe that it communicates clearly what has been happening this past year and is better than trying to write it all down! 


You can find the whole service on YouTube if you are interested. 

Later in the service Yinka Oyekan shares about how God has smashed all their 'nets' - they thought they were quite good at discipleship at The Gate, but now they are completely overwhelmed with what God is doing because the catch of fish is huge and their nets now seem tiny!  Wonderfully, churches all across Reading are involved, but even then the nets are still too small!!  One thing is clear - many people are open to hearing about JESUS!

Keep praying, keep following and keep sharing...
Image: Gianluca D Muscelli | www.shutterstock.com
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