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National recognition as a pastor, pioneer or preacher 

Many of our churches are served by pastors who have not undergone the same formation and testing as accredited Baptist ministers. Similarly, some who are commissioned by a Baptist church or association to work as mission pioneers are not themselves accredited ministers. And there are many who support a range of local churches with their preaching who have not studied theology in the way accredited ministers must.
We support all these vital ministries by offering training that can lead to national recognition as a pastor, pioneer or preacher. Those seeking recognition have to complete a number of assessed learning modules with one of the Baptist colleges that are pitched at level 3 (‘A’ level). Candidates are interviewed by their association at the beginning and the end of their training. They also need the commendation of their home church to begin the recognition process.
National recognition strengthens the relationship between those ministering in Baptist churches and those who are there to support them – the associations, colleges and Union. It also enables us to commend them to the Baptist world beyond their local church.
National recognition for pastors, pioneers and preachers is explained in more details in these three leaflets:
            Called to be a nationally recognised pastor

            Equipped to pioneer course

            Called to be a nationally recognised preacher

Details of the training can be found in our college training overview.
Please contact your Regional Minister if you want to explore any of these options further.
Ultimately, responsibility for national recognition lies with the National Ministerial Recognition Committee.

Lists of those presently recognised nationally as pastors, pioneers and preachers may be found on the online directory page.

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