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Personal safety for those working alone 

Autumn is upon us and with it comes the gradual onset of darker evenings. It is therefore the perfect time to review situations where people work alone to ensure adequate precautions are in place to protect them. The latest in our series of Baptist Insurance articles


A personal safety plan gives details of what to do if a problem ever arises.
What should a personal safety plan include?
Personal safety plans should be clear and easy to understand. They may include:

  • An assessment of the hazards and risks encountered
  • Tailored information based on the location and activities of the individual
  • An outline of safety actions or control measures put in place.

The plan should be reviewed regularly and known to others at your church.
Identify if there is a need for training
You should consider the training needs of anyone at your church who is likely to be working alone. These might be identified in a risk assessment or by speaking with the individual to understand their needs. You may need to provide support or guidance when dealing with visitors or parishioners who require special attention e.g. mental health issues or other disabilities.
The Baptist Insurance personal safety plan guide gives some suggested controls you can put in place to help keep lone workers safe. Visit the website for more information: baptist-insurance.co.uk/risk-management/personal-safety/

Want to know more?

Baptist Insurance wants to provide you with the help and advice that you need to continue to protect your church and its community. For additional guidance or information on church and home insurance, please visit the website or call one of the team on 0345 070 2223.



Baptist Times, 09/09/2021
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