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Baptists Together 'Homes for Ukraine' Registration form for Hosts


By filling in and submitting this form you are giving your consent for the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB) to hold these details to communicate with you about hosting Ukrainian guests under the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme and supporting refugees more generally. You are also giving your consent for BUGB to share the information given with CitizensUK, a critical strategic partner in the 'Homes for Ukraine' matching process.

1 Name of host/principal contact:

2 Phone number (please do not leave any spaces):

3 Email address:

4 Briefly explain your interest in welcoming Ukrainian refugees and the sponsorship scheme.

Please provide details of accommodation you have to offer.

5 Address of the accommodation (including postcode)

6 Would you describe the area in which you live - a village, a small town, a large town or a city?

7 Number of bedrooms offered

8 Please indicate how many women, men and/or children you are offering accommodation to:




9 Please give a written description of the accommodation being offered

10 Description of host family - Please select how many adults and children are in the host family



If there are children in the host family, please provide their ages (separating each age with a comma)

11 If the host family has pets, please list the kind(s) of animal in the household

12 Does anyone in the household smoke? (Please specify cigarettes or E-Vape)

13 Would you welcome non-smokers, outside smokers or smokers? (Please select all that apply)


  Outside smokers


14 The minimum term of accommodation being offered needs to be 6 months. From what date would the accommodation you are offering be available?

15 Would you be open to welcoming Ukrainians who are on the Fast Track referrals list? (for these guests there is a need to prioritise speed in matching and therefore they would not be introduced to you via Zoom before they came, you would still be informed of the family make-up and they would still go through the same visa application process and the same checks would be put in place).

16 Name of a referee for the accommodation host

17 Email address for the accommodation host's referee

18 Do all the adults living in the property have a recent enhanced DBS check (requested in the last 6 months) for working with children and adults at risk?
[If in Scotland, are all adults members of the PVG Scheme?]

When was each DBS check last renewed?

19 Is there anything else you wish to share that may be relevant to your offer?

Details of your Church/Regional Association and protecting your details
20 Name of your church:

21 Which Regional Association/Union are you in:      

22 Do you give consent for the Baptist Union of Great Britain to share these details with your regional Baptist Association?

Please click on the 'Send' button below to submit your form. You will then be directed to another page with helpful guidance for people who have registered - please click on 'continue' to find this information and bookmark the page for future reference.
Our privacy statement outlines how we process your personal information
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