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Spring 2021 edition: Our identity: listening to conversations

Cover Spring2021It’s been a period of such upheaval that no one has been unaffected. Certainly churches have had to adapt in ways that would have been unthinkable this time last year. The life we knew before Covid-19 has at the very least been put on pause; in all probability it’s unlikely to ever be what it once was. Our full withdrawal from the European Union, now the transition period has ended, adds to the atmosphere of change.  

It’s natural to ask foundational questions about who we are and what we do at such a time, and the magazine editorial group took this as its starting point. Our previous edition focused on what we might be learning from God during the pandemic; our current offering seeks to step back and explore something of our general identity as Baptists. Under the authority of Jesus, we acknowledge there are huge differences in approach and understandings.  One piece suggests that ‘to be Baptist is simply to participate in the conversation about what it means to be Baptist’, we therefore offer a space to listen to some of the conversations taking place among us right now.

After our General Secretary Lynn Green reminds us about why and where we can draw our confidence with her reflection on Hebrews 10, Andy Goodliff asks directly what it means to be Baptist, and emphasises the importance of knowing and interrogating our past. We then hear briefly from the Baptist Historical Society about four distinct areas of our tradition.

Church meetings and making space to hear from one another (and how God might be speaking through us) is another area of focus, as are mission and different areas of justice. We hear from several churches on how the Covid restrictions have impacted thinking on meeting together, buildings, and singing. Other pieces highlight the identity of ministers in relation to the new focus on Continuing Ministerial Development, and the thinking behind a new resource that seeks to make our churches safe spaces for all. We are delighted too to share an international perspective on Baptist identity from Luke Shaw, pastor and past president of the Jamaica Baptist Union.

As ever, we hope there is much here to reflect on and inform as we make space to listen to the different voices among us. And conversation is a two way street – do drop us a line to comment on anything in the edition, or with suggestions for future editions – we’d be delighted to hear from you. The world is changing, but may the Baptist commitment to walking together and watching over each other be as strong as it ever was.
Editorial Group

The key articles in the magazine are featured below:
LynnGreen Card
Identity and Confidence
Our General Secretary Lynn Green contributes to the conversation by sharing about confidence and identity More ...

Identity conversations

WhatDoesItMeanToBeBaptist Card
What does it mean to be Baptist?
Why we need to be both stewards and interrogators of our story, and - with the Spirit’s guidance - be open to improvisation… by Andy Goodliff More ...
UncoveringBaptistStory Card
Uncovering our Baptist history
A series of Zoom webinars from the Baptist Historical Society More ...
BodyLife card
This Body Life
A Baptist church meeting can be special, beautiful even, but we need to understand why. By Ruth Moriarty More ...
CaseStudy BlackhorseRoad Card
“It’s brought greater richness, depth and insight”
How listening to and empowering voices from different cultures has impacted Blackhorse Road Baptist Church More ...

Covid conversations: Snapshots of our churches’ thinking in the pandemic

Covid OldLodgelane Card
Covid Conversations: Old Lodge Lane Church
"We have stopped meeting on Sunday - and now have our main gathering on Thursdays" More ...
Covid WestWorthing Card
Covid Conversations: West Worthing Baptist Church
Finding ways of being God's gathered people - without relying on our premises More ...
Covid LairdStreet Card
Covid Conversations: Laird Street Baptist Church
Wherever God's people meet he is present there with them More ...
Covid church4U Card
Covid Conversations: church4U in Pickering
Not having premises is actually lifting a burden More ...
Covid ShonaShaw Card
Covid Conversations: A new song
'Worship is more than the songs we can sing’, writes Shona Shaw More ...

Justice conversations

Justice Card
Justice issues discussed at Baptist Union Council
Council members approve six new measures that seek to embed justice concerns at the heart of our movement More ...
JustWhoWeAre Card
Just who we are
Seeking and doing justice is an essential part of who we are as Baptists, and what God calls us to do. By Simon Oxley More ...
JusticeYO Card
“You’ve got to do something about the injustice”
Justice issues have been an unexpected part of the year of our current Baptist Union president Yinka Oyekan More ...
JusticeGroups Card
Baptist Justice Groups
Helping us carry forward our commitments in these areas More ...

Other conversations

missionaladventure Card
‘Multi-congregations, but mission in ministry the priority for all’ - Suzie Abramian talks to Graham Watkins - minister of Derby Urban Church More ...
CreatingSanctuary Card
Making Our Churches Safe Spaces For All
An introduction to Creating Sanctuary - by David Kerrigan More ...
ListenToTheChild Card
Listen to the child
What might we hear from our young voices if we listen theologically to what they are saying? - by Sian Hancock More ...
CMD Card
What is our identity in a changing church?
Why Continuing Ministerial Development aims to address not just what we do as ministers, but how we are - by Tim Fergusson and Sue Clements-Jewery More ...
LukeShawJBU Card
Baptist Identity and the Ministry of Incarnation
A perspective from Luke Shaw, past president of the Jamaica Baptist Union More ...

A printed copy of the magazine was sent to each minister and church secretary, and you can also download a copy from our Resource Library.
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