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Listening - Disability Justice

We want to encourage our churches to value people of all abilities equally. We believe there is not only a justice issue here but also a mission opportunity. There are people with physical and intellectual disabilities in our neighbourhoods who are often overlooked or excluded. For us to be truly church we want to extend Jesus' welcome to them.

LandingPage 800As well as the information on this page, please also see the Talking about disability, church and faith area of our website, with a wealth of resources for churches, pastors and anyone else who wants to think more deeply about disability.
Articles sharing personal stories and reflections:
'Online worship has fulfilled a long hoped-for dream'
Baptist minister Glen Graham urges churches to continue online services that transform disabled people’s experience of worship More ...
Baptist Times
8x4 A theology of hospitality1
A Theology of Hospitality
Hospitality is at the very heart of who God is, writes Anthony Clarke. Not only is God the host, who welcomes us, God comes as the guest. More ...
Baptist Times
Can we be friends800 2
Can we be friends?
The three factors that play a part in how we exclude or include and welcome disabled people. By Martin Hobgen More ...
Baptist Times
Glen Graham Baptist Assembly80
Disability justice
Glen Graham explains the aims and the story of the Baptists Together Disability Justice Hub More ...
Baptist Times
Not disabled people who need healing? 
What if we all get to heaven and realise disabled people were healed all along? Rachel Wright shares a modern day parable More ...
Baptist Times

You may also find the following resources helpful to you as you seek to listen to people of different abilities:
  • BibleAndDisabilityThe Bible and Disability: A Commentary
This book examines how the Bible constructs or reflects human wholeness, impairment, and disability in all their expressions. Biblical texts do envision the ideal body, but they also present visions of the body that deviate from this ideal, whether physically or through cognitive impairments or mental illness.

Authors: Sarah Melcher, Mikeal C. Parsons, Amos Yong
Publisher: SCM Press (2018)
  • WorshipWithAllAbilitiesCreative Ideas for Worship with all abilities
This vital resource draws on the vast experience of the L'Arche community to offer practical guidance and ideas for imaginative worship that engages people with learning and other disabilities. It explores the essential considerations of pastoral work with those with learning disabilities, as well as patterns of prayer and worship that are most appropriate.

Authors: Hazel Bradley and Jim Cargin
Publisher: Canterbury Press (2019)
  • MakingChurchAccessibleToAllMaking Church Accessible to All
This book addresses the issues that most churches are largely unaware of the presence of people with learning disabilities in their community and their needs; unprepared to welcome people with learning disabilities and ill-equipped to teach and disciple them in the Christian faith; unaware of how much including people with learning disabilities will enrich the church experience for all church members.

Author: Tony Phelps-Jones and others
Publisher: BRF (2013)

Churches for all - a network of UK Christian disability-engaged organisations helping churches create and sustain an environment where disabled people can participate fully in church life for the benefit of all. Churches for all strives to equip churches to reach towards their full potential by truly including disabled people. They encourage both church leaders and disabled people to work together to bring about full inclusivity – where disabled people are not just welcomed but fully included within every aspect of church life.

Disability and Jesus - a user-led organisation, stemming from the lived experience of disability rather than an ‘outside-in’ standpoint.
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