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Our key areas of work


Our vision as a movement is:


'Growing healthy Churches in relationship for God's mission'

VisionGraphicIn recent years, our General Secretary Lynn Green has sought to express simply and clearly what we do together, and this can be summed up in four key, shared areas:
  • equipping our existing local churches for mission
  • planting more churches and pioneering in new ways
  • investing in Godly leadership
  • enabling Baptist voices and action in the public square

It does not mean that we are not doing anything else.  Each church, association, college and specialist team continues to offer their own unique kingdom contribution.  But these four areas encapsulate what Baptists Together does.

Our Baptists Together magazine in Summer 2019 explored each of these four areas through a mixture of reflective pieces, interviews and stories from a broad cross-section of people - providing a snapshot of how Baptists are engaged in living out God's call on their lives, and alongside each other.


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