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Ministries Team

The Ministries Team supports all forms of Baptist ministry, whether practised by accredited ministers who serve as church pastors, chaplains, evangelists, pioneers, or children's, youth and families workers, or by nationally recognised pastors, preachers and pioneers.

Most of the information about all forms of ministry can be found on the Ministry section of this website, but in summary, the Ministries Team enables the:
The team also tracks the progress of ministers-in-training through their application, selection, college formation and newly-accredited probationary period. The team maintains a database that holds all necessary ministerial records.  
The team also supports ministry through:
            Terms of appointment (full-time)
            Terms of appointment (part-time)
            Accommodation and manses
            Parental leave
            Settlement guidance for churches
            Settlement guidance for ministers
            A guide for creating a church profile
            Ministerial recognition rules
            Sabbatical leave 
Information is also available on the standard stipend for ministers. Lists of those who are accredited ministers or nationally recognised pastors, preachers and pioneers may be found via our online directory. 
To get advice or guidance on any ministry-related matters, please meet the team to find out who will be best placed to help you and how to contact them. Alternatively, please phone the team on 01235 517702.
You can also view some guidance in response to frequently asked questions.
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