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Ministries Team

The Ministries Team supports all forms of recognised and accredited ministry amongst our churches, as well as providing guidance and advice on ministry-related matters. The team:
  • Supports the recognition and accreditation processes for ministers, pioneers, pastors and preachers

  • Supports all forms of sector ministry, including chaplaincy to industry, prisons, education, health-care and the military

  • Administers the work of the national Ministerial Recognition Committee

  • Relates to patterns and processes of ministerial training at the Baptist Colleges and elsewhere, and participates in the ecumenical quality assurance programmes

  • Assists the settlement of ministers and ministerial students through the National Settlement Team

  • Facilitates conferences to support all stages of ministry

  • Administers some financial support for Bursaries and Further Study awards

To find out more about our work, contact the Ministries Team or tel: 01235 517702.
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