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We are committed to mission in all its diversity

Former President and Baptist pastor Yinka Oyekan offers his perspective on evangelism across our Union

At the Baptist Assembly this year the most upvoted question on Slido was whether we as a Union still value evangelism as an equal priority. Let me reassure you that Lynn and all on the Core Leadership Team (CLT) are committed to mission in all its diversity, and we are talking about how we can further support evangelism specifically.
Right across our Union there are great stories of people getting saved, finding Christ and joining local Baptist communities. I am still persuaded that a renewal is coming to our Union that will amaze and astonish us all.

During lockdown Beth Powney, the Eastern Baptist Association Team Leader, spoke to the CLT on the subject of ‘the view from our window’. What is my view concerning evangelism from where I sit?

I see The Gate (the Baptist church I pastor in Reading) investing in missions across the globe, a Baptist church discipling nations in evangelism. Countries we have taken The Turning to include France, Switzerland and Spain. I would like to highlight just one of the hundreds of converts in Switzerland - a young man called Camre who within six months of being saved was taking Bibles from Switzerland to Turkey and sharing the gospel with his family and friends.

I’ve seen courageous engagement with evangelism at Gilgal Baptist Church (Porthcawl), Connect Church (Scunthorpe), Salem Baptist Chapel (Tonteg) and Penge Baptist Church. These are all Baptist churches where the members have invited friends to come and hear the gospel, and where individuals responded to a gospel message.

I’ve had feedback from churches who pioneered new ministries during my presidential year, including Goldhill’s new art community. I see evangelists Chris Duffett and Alex Harris loving people into the Kingdom or starting little fires for gospel proclamation across our Union. I see regional team leaders organise their teams for evangelistic endeavour or missional growth, with many regional teams - such as London - investing hard cash in supporting frontline evangelism.

This is just one view, from one window.

Can we do more? Yes. Should we do more? Yes, the CLT is committed to making Christ known and where churches want help, we are ready to refer you to the many diverse ministries that can help you with evangelism.

Please pray for Lynn and the rest of the Core Leadership Team as new ways of encouraging evangelism are explored and strengthened across our Union.

Yinka Oyekan is pastor of The Gate, a Baptist church in Reading which has pioneered The Turning evangelistic outreach.
Yinka was President of our Union in 2020-21.

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