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S Commissioned

Commissioned to co-mission!

Baptist minister Matt Wright introduces the Inspire Movement, an evangelical, ecumenical and international renewal movement seeking to help disciples of Jesus grow in their love of God and neighbour

Have you ever noticed that the Great Commission in Matthew 28 is literally a call to co-mission: with the Father, in the power of the Spirit and in the name of the Son. We are never alone! As a Baptist minister I’ve tended to rely on trips, events, programmes and organisations to enable mission. Don’t get me wrong - they have their place and we still need them. But even more so we need the everyday awareness of being sent by God, and the ongoing communion with him that makes us aware of missional opportunities as they arise. We need a way of life that imitates that of Jesus himself, which draws us into closer intimacy with him also.

Jewish boys used to apprentice themselves to rabbis, and they would follow them so closely that they were literally ‘covered in the dust of their rabbi’. Fellow Baptists, we share strong biblical roots and a rich missional heritage. How about we get covered in the dust of Jesus, and learn to be on mission with him each and every day, and help empower our churches to do the same? Missional discipleship is the answer, because our missional God is already ‘out there’, and doing stuff. Are you interested to hear more of how we can join in?

The Inspire Movement is an evangelical, ecumenical and international renewal movement seeking to help disciples of Jesus grow in their love of God and neighbour. There are three main regions of activity: Great Britain, Ireland and the USA. I’m the
co-director of the Inspire Movement in Great Britain along with my wife Rachel. We love helping people follow Jesus and become the disciple makers Jesus has called us to be, who are on mission with God in daily life.

Contact m.wright@inspiremovement.org for more information or to arrange a conversation for your church or association.

Matt and Rachel live in Chesterfield in the East Midland Baptist Association and travel across Great Britain making connections and delivering training retreats.

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