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How to hear God by Pete Greig 

Highly recommended for anyone who is seeking God specifically, or simply wants to grow in their relationship with Jesus

How to Hear GodHow to hear God: a simple guide for normal people
By Pete Greig
Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN: 978-1-529-37798-9
Reviewed by Jeannie Kendall

Pete Greig is, in my view, always worth listening to. He exemplifies what our minister calls ‘honest faith’ and his earlier book on prayer How to Pray: a simple guide for normal people has undoubtedly helped many in that area, which so many of us find more difficult than we would like to admit.

It is perhaps a logical move to go on to tackle the equally tricky topic of hearing God, and so this book is both an excellent companion to the previous one and helpful in its own right.

To do so, Pete Greig uses as a basis one of the most well-loved of all biblical stories, Jesus on the road to Emmaus. He covers a number of topics, including Hearing God’s word in Jesus, the Bible and prayer and hearing God’s whisper in dreams and community.

Throughout he has examples of those who have heard God in different ways across the centuries, and helpful suggestions to put what he is writing about into practice. It is written throughout in his accessible and engaging style which has depth in simplicity.

I highly recommend it for anyone who is seeking God specifically, or simply wants to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Which, I hope, covers all of us.

Jeannie Kendall is a retired (‘freelance’) Baptist minister, a current tutor on the Pastoral Supervision course at Spurgeon’s College, and the author of Finding Our Voice and Held in Your Bottle

Baptist Times, 01/07/2022
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