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Feature articles published in 2022

Highlighting the most clicked pieces in The Baptist Times last year
New Kapporet launched midway through 2020. Its director Tim Harding shares some of the key lessons the Lord has taught
The most recent meeting of the Fellowship of Baptists in Britain and Ireland (FBBI) included an insight into how Lebanese Christians have sought to respond to the crisis in their country. It was both stimulating and challenging, reports Stuart Davison
One of the most-asked questions about God is addressed in a new family resource created by Baptist church member and Christian app developer Joanne Gilchrist
The first Baptist Insurance article of 2022 highlights the handy risk calendar for churches, and its home emergency cover
Introducing Kids Matter, which engages local churches to equip parents and carers facing disadvantages with confidence, competence and community, enabling their children to thrive. By Carol Richardson
Baptist minister and tutor Helen Paynter introduces a new, short video series on one of the trickiest books in the Bible
Interview with Ruth Rice, whose new book A-Z Wellbeing is an accessible introduction to help you attend to your own wellbeing
The International Baptist Theological Study Centre is hosting a conference in Amsterdam from 4-6 May on the theme “The Heart of Christian Ethics.” Theologian-in-residence David Gushee explains more
The latest feature from Baptist Insurance
By Steph Bryant, co-author of 101 Great Big Questions about God and Science
And what you can do to support them. Joshua Searle on the "silent heroes" bringing light and hope to local communities throughout the whole of Eastern Ukraine
How do you effectively reach people online? Graeme Spencer of Media Mentoring shares a way forward
Kevan and Jill Sutton of Millmead, Guildford Baptist Church, present passages of Scripture from memory accompanied by viola improvisations. A new resource for your ministry?
What was different about two men who were so similar at the start - and how does this relate to us today? The first blog of a new series about leadership, by Terry Young. The five part series will examine aspects of David's life
For David, loyalty was a difficult but essential practice. What lessons are there for Christian leaders or leaders in training?
David often made decisions that mystified his advisors. How did he go about it - and what can we learn?
Corin Pilling introduces The Sanctuary Course, a new small-group resource designed to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and engage communities in meaningful conversations about mental health and faith
David persevered and developed several communication channels, managing to integrate reflective communication with God alongside more formal lines, writes Terry Young in the fourth blog of his leadership series
Throughout his life, David perceived more of what mattered and focused less on the obvious. Despite some poor choices, he oversaw a royal hand-over and was alive when Solomon took power. We too have an investment option that will stand the test of time
Christian media pioneer Terence Ascott has seen an 'explosion of interest in Christianity' in the Middle East - and in a new book and tour the SAT-7 founder shares highlights of 50 years of impact
Helen Paynter offers a brief report and some personal reflections from the recent Christ at the Checkpoint Conference held at Bethlehem Bible College
Duncan Reid introduces RaiseUPfaith.com – a new curriculum and resources platform designed to equip children’s and youth ministry leaders with high-quality, Bible-based multi-media content
In his regular offering at this time of year, Andy Goodliff selects seven books that will help us think about our Christian faith - and there's something for all ages.
Jersey Road PR, an agency which specialises in supporting churches and Christian organisations, has created a course to help churches prepare for the crisis stories they may face
Baptist Insurance understands that building a fundraising team for your church may seem overwhelming, so it's put together some guidance on how to get started
Barney Barron introduces Coastal Expression, a response to the often-unrecognised deprivation and spiritual needs of many coastal neighbourhoods
Christian signposting charity the National Parenting Initiative can help your church determine how best to work with families in your community. One of the ways it does this is through its free monthly online vision events - Kayte Potter explains more
September is a great time to focus our prayers on schools and to pray for children, young people and all those who work in them, writes Jane Newey. Here are some ideas and resources
Helen Lock introduces this year's Playtime National Conference, an event for churches looking to start, grow or hone the Kingdom impact of their toddler group
Climate activist and environmental scientist Laura Young (Less Waste Laura) on the solutions we must adopt 'to bring the world back into beautiful equilibrium', the importance of young people, and how her activism has led to her talking about Jesus
2:19 Teach to Reach is a charity which aims to help churches connect with the international communities around them through English conversation classes. Its CEO David Baldwin explores how we can ensure our welcome of the stranger is genuine
Christina Carter has served the Baptist Union as a Trustee over the last six years, and has offered some reflections as she completes her term of service
The number of churches supporting prison leavers is growing, says The Welcome Directory, a multi-faith organisation equipping faith communities in this area. By Amelie Taylor
The latest book from Baptist minister Nick Megoran is a timely one, as it revisits apologetics questions through the lens of recent crises like the pandemic, war, and financial collapse. He explains more in this interview
Mike Lowe recently had the privilege of spending a day with the Jericho Road Project in Nottingham, a Christian charity "showing Jesus’ love and hope to those affected by the sex industry in Nottinghamshire"
Can Christian values and modern best business practices genuinely align? And if so, how? New series in which Phil Hanson and Terry Young explore how human longings and behaviour play out in making business a platform for the Kingdom
Interview with freelance writer, teacher and Baptist church member Deborah Jenkins about her novel Braver, and her long-held dream of writing a book about people with faith
The second part of the blog series 'Is Kingdom working?' attempts to try to understand the kingdom without parables - and then introduces a framework that connects business best practice to ethical virtues
If business is to be a platform for making the world a better place, it needs to be both excellent in operation and Kingdom in purpose. Is there such a thing as Kingdom business?
The bad fruit highlighted in Galatians 4 represents the very behaviour that spoils work. Here's a brief look at how.
There are businesses trying to work out what a better work/life balance could look like in an always on world, which means, as Christians, we are living in a potentially fruitful time
Interview with Robert Beckford, a climate and social justice professor at the University of Winchester, about why the climate crisis is a racist crisis, and his hopes for a new racial justice training programme for Baptist ministers
A shared call to prayer for COP27 from the Baptist Union Environment Network (BUEN) and the John Ray Initiative (JRI)
Paul Ashley is an elder of Dorchester Baptist Church and a full-time pioneer. Under the name of Mind the Gap Ministries he has just launched two exciting new initiatives. He explains more
Christian charity Emerge Advocacy, which works with young people who have been admitted to hospital and are struggling with mental health issues, is seeking to partner with more Baptist churches
Climate justice is at the heart of the 2022 edition of Wonderful Youth, a resource that enables Black and Brown young people to read the Bible through their cultural and theological lenses
Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) are looking to equip more churches to open a Make Lunch Club during the winter and cost of living crisis. They explain more about their crisis response here
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