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Prayer and reflections

As churches are no longer able to meet together in buildings, we want to encourage and help people to pray, both within our own churches and in the wider community.   This section provides many ideas that could be used to lead people to prayer, both personally and corporately. 
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Prayers in a COVID winter

A prayer poem written by hospital chaplain Amanda Pink, January 2021.

"Roll on Spring", we say.
I say.

Roll on lockdown liberation
And the nation's vaccination
Actual corporeal congregation
Even taking vacation!

And in our desperation 
"End this, God!" we pray;
"Get us back to normal"
Our petitionary oblation.

How we need your grace for our prayers
As well as our hearts and hospitals and homes.
May they hold more truth and wisdom and life
Than simple grass is greener tropes.

Yes, Lord! We long for relief
For the ebbing of this tide of grief
And it's in fervent, hopeful belief,
    That we seek the green blade rising.

Yet as we do, let us hear your asserting:
Your re-greening will be more than re-vert-ing,
For true nourishing hope draws up the hurting
    In its holy metabolising. 

Written with input from the Revd Sarah Crane, Lead Chaplain at Milton Keynes University Hospital

This prayer poem was first published on Amanda's blog and is reproduced here with her permission.

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