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CMD Webinar - Making the most of a 360 degree review

The Baptists Together CMD framework asks all ministers to submit their ministry to review at least once over three years. The recommended tool for this is called a 360 degree review, in which views from a broad range of those who see us in role are collated by someone we trust to provide supportive but honest feedback. This webinar takes a look at how to make the most of this type of review in its basic form as well as point to more rigorous ways of using it. Tim Fergusson talks to Paul Cheesman, Global HR Coordinator for Campus Crusade for Christ (known by the name Agape in the UK), an organisation that uses 360 reviews for staff development across their 20,000-strong workforce.  

Additional material: In the webinar, Paul referred to more detailed forms of the 360 review (albeit ones that would need adapting so they are not organisation-specific) These are freely available on the Global 360 website

Paul also mentioned a '5E' tool for helping us determine what to do with the feedback we receive. This is:

Environment - where is a good place to grow? - deacons'/leadership meeting?  with my neighbours? on retreat?
Exposure - who can help me grow? - is there a peer that is strong here?  could my regional minister recommend someone?
Education - do I just need to learn more? - what should I read? is there an online course?
Experience - where can I go to be part of a team that's doing this well (we often grow in the doing)? - where can I practice that will be safe?
Evaluation - how am I going to review my progress? set targets? how will I be accountable for progress?

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