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CMD Webinar - How do I choose what to read?

It's good to remain contemporary in our reading so that our theology and understanding of culture is constantly refreshed, but how do we know what to read? Should we go with the flow and read whatever comes our way, or be more strategic? To whom do we turn for ideas about our reading? How do we avoid remaining in an echo chamber in which we read only what we already agree with? Tim Fergusson was in conversation with Revd Dr Helen Paynter, Coordinator of Theological Education and Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence, at Bristol Baptist College. 

During and shortly after the webinar a number of resources were mentioned by Helen and by those participating.  They are listed here with no sense of preference, but for you to browse!

Helen's recommendations for today:
Shelterbox Book Club - a way of inviting serendipity in our reading.
The Liberating Image by J Richard Middleton.
The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

Helen's own recent book:
The Bible Doesn't Tell Me So; Why you don't have to submit to domestic abuse and coercive control by Helen Paynter.

Sources of reviews, resources and recommendations:
Baptist Ministers Journal - containing book reviews by Baptist ministers.
Regents Reviews - Regent's Park College's Journal that reviews books on Christian Ministry. 
Themelios - An international journal for theological studies.
Centre for Pastor Theologians - Articles, videos and podcasts.
CPAS - many leadership resources.
Think - articles and reviews from a group of thinkers originating in the New Frontiers tradition.

More specialised biblical study resources:
Denver Seminary New Testament and Old Testament book lists - A selected (but still long!) list of biblical resources and commentaries.
Society of Old Testament Studies and Society for New Testament Studies - more specialised biblical articles and annual book list.
Biblical Theology Bulletin - articles and reviews for those undertaking biblical and theological study.

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