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Coronavirus Advice Webinar: The Life Cycle of an Emergency



The Life Cycle of an Emergency - Wednesday 24 June

Simon Barrington from Forge Leadership Consultancy took us through the typical path a church, community or even country follows when hit by a crisis. He talked about three stages of response, recovery and reconstruction. As we move from the first to the second of these stages, Simon provided insights and tools that help us navigate this transition well and some warnings of what to look out for and what not to rush into too quickly. Simon Harris, from Burlington Baptist Church in Ipswich provided the pastor’s perspective in this timely webinar.

To watch the webinar (on YouTube) Click Here
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This second climate webinar timed around Climate Sunday investigates a new worship resource called Doxecology. We were joined by Joel Payne and Sam Hargreaves, two of the resource's originators.
Dave Gregory and Rachel Mander, lead us in exploring why we should be concerned about climate change and what Baptist churches can do collectively to reflect the gospel in their approach to the environment.
Practical guidance and tips for those continuing to use digital platforms for worship and outreach. With Mike Lowe, BUGB National Communications Manager, and Ben Stacey from Plugged-In Audio Visual.
Roy Searle and Lesley MacLean, both advocates of a Celtic spirituality, will be helping us think what Celtic Christians who went long before us might have to say about our presently changing world and our new patterns of mission and ministry.
A guided quiet day, led by Geoff Colmer and Beth Powney. Each hour will begin with some input to guide personal reflection and prayer over the remainder of the hour.
How did Paul preach the kingdom ‘boldly and without hindrance’ whilst under arrest? Simon Jones from Spurgeon’s College and Andrew Clarke from the Baptist Union of Scotland, will be in conversation.
    Posted: 26/03/2020