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CommunionRe: A reflection for Maundy Thursday 

Thank you Lord Jesus for that precious moment when I knew you had died and risen again so my sins would be forgiven. Communion is a wonderful celebration of remembrance for me.
Carol Driscoll (via Facebook)

The blood represents the redemption on the cross for sin and the body for physical and emotional healing. Together it represents the ultimate sacrifice and they way we enter into the new covenant. Thank you Jesus
Graham Wheildon (via Facebook)

An excellent reflection written by a clever chap!
Phillip Dawson (via Facebook)



TimothyRichard223 1Re: A BMS missionary in China    

A powerful example of living life under Jesus' direction. Thanks for this information.
Jenny Benjamin (via Facebook)

One Church, Brighton on BBC Radio 4

I have just been listening to the Sunday morning service (BBC Radio 4) from One Church (aka Florence Road/Gloucester Place Baptist), a church where I have preached many times and where I was Moderator in the1990s, so I wondered what they were up to now with all the changes in approaches to church and worship and found the whole experience so helpful and refreshing it distracted me from my current Brexit t breakfast over the paper.Professionally, one of my tests of worship is whether it contains the basic essentials and it did.

A traditional opening and closing hymn, rooting it in one form of tradition, with more contemporary music in between. Two Bible readings (OT and NT). Clearly recognised prayers (confession, thanksgiving and intercession), in contemporary non-pietistic language, local, national and worldwide). Being Mothering Sunday the theme settled itself and ran through from start to finish in each section, with a balance of male and female voices, ministerial and lay (I believe), reflecting the wider human needs and services of the local community as well as the personal aspects of Motherhood and a recognition that not every woman is a mother, not always of their own choice.

Thanks to all who participated in theme, planning, preparation and execution.

Alec Gilmore  



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