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Opinions/reflections - January - June 2019

The best, worst and most surprising voices from the past 12 months – with no mention of the “B word”. By Chris Goswami
We often talk about ‘safeguarding’ children in relation to digital technology; let's think about marriages too
Do we routinely do what is right, even when no-one is watching us, asks Baptist minister Colin Sedgwick?
A report from this year's Fresh Streams conference, which was all about moving further along and deeper into God’s gifting
People can be convinced that God works in the big rather than the small, but we mustn't lose faith in the local church
Helen Paynter explains why Bristol Baptist College has established the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence
How does your faith motivate you to get involved in tackling poverty? Introducing Tearfund's Restoration Story
However strong our faith, there are times when the “meaning” is completely lost to us: we simply don’t understand
A death leads to lament and the importance of the poor, whose existence should stir up a raging for justice
Roo Stewart shares his struggles as he attempts to live without single-use plastic as part of the Living Lent initiative
Can we be real in our churches about the reality of mental health struggles? By Chris Munday
While Jesus rejected worldly values, his parables showed he thought some worldly methods worth a second glance
As I left the barber’s shop that day I was inwardly fuming at those “Bible-bashers” who had behaved so appallingly
People try it on at foodbanks - but labelling them as skivers is no answer. Our attitude to the poor needs to change
Minister Shaun Lambert explains how mindfulness helps us live life in all its fullness, and addresses Christian objections
In the face of continuing news about the effects of global warming, younger people are increasingly campaigning
For many of us who are pastoring churches the day gives us much to celebrate - and much to navigate
What can churches learn from the workspace about decisions, development, and supporting good people?
A simple habit that has seen hundreds of people in shops, parks, and trains reminded of God’s love for them
Why a new approach is needed - and how that should be informed by workplace developments
The Church has an underused mandate for entrepreneurial wealth creation to the benefit of others
Cruel to be kind? How willing are we to speak, and be spoken to, with candour, asks Colin Sedgwick
Christians experience an inspirational conference, but what will it achieve? What does it mean to encounter Jesus?
The Saturday of Easter is a day that is easily overlooked, the ultimate in grey days. It's a picture where many of us are
This is my body, this is my blood: With his words he held out broken bread and the cup of wine...
What can be a creative space where effort generates wealth that blesses society, is often a meaningless grind
Ultimately not a question we can answer satisfactorily, but there are things we can say that might help
Humans were created for connection, with each other and with God. Belonging is something that can be learnt
Not only do other people not know the true us, even we don’t know the true us. Not till we are tested
This amazing privilege of being in ‘their’ world is what I believe schoolwork to be about, writes Martin Sweet
How does it feel to live with dementia? And where is God in this? A new book says all you need to know
A new Panorama programme has highlighted the deepening adult social care crisis. Louise Morse reflects on the film
Chris Evans claims he heard the voice of God – should we believe him? Chris Goswami reflects on how God speaks
In this age where social media has diminished communication skills, there is an even greater need to listen well
Our economic system is fundamentally unjust. Can we imagine a just economics in line with the grace of scripture?
Three recent works that might help Baptists discover a way of being church that's true to their heritage
The view from a local church, by Dr Sally Mann, Minister of Bonny Downs Baptist Church in East London
Faith Bowers on the impact of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church's support for her son Richard
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