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Opinions/reflections - July - December 2018

Just imagine our places with fewer cars: three misconceptions about the car free life
What, as people of faith, if we saw our continuing and ordinary journey as an extraordinary pilgrimage?
A Baptist minister is urging congregations to pray for the Brexit separation negotiations - and offers this prayer
A reflection on the recent ‘Celebrating, Surviving and Thriving: Women in Baptist Ministry’ conference
Baptist minister Michael Shaw has this message for new students and their sending churches this summer
Liz Connelly was a participant in the latest Firestarter, events which are exploring Baptist church growth
Have we lost sight of the reality of Christ's second coming - and what are the consequences of this?
The school assembly hall is a space I long to see God fill. We have no right to stand there, but something better: opportunity
Paul Goodliff reflects on the cross-denominational organisation run by ministers, for ministers
How do we respond to shocking health inequality? Reflecting on the recent BBC Panorama documentary
Why we need to stop being offended, and have the difficult conversations in the right language
Doubt comes to us all - even John the Baptist is recorded as having doubts about Jesus. Let's not criticise or condemn
This is what we learnt in creating a space for the big questions about Christianity, writes minister
Going to university in September? Have an open mind about where you might find community
Baptist minister Simon Oxley, a former World Council of Churches staff member, reflects on its 70th anniversary
Love isn’t something you do at polite arms’ length - two key reasons why it's important to keep on meeting together
We need a new canon of songs that help teach the Bible and are rich and passionate about the gospel, argues Keith Getty
(and what to do when they’re in). Second year student Kira Taylor shares some ideas for churches
Google is 20 years old this month, and its influence has reached bewildering heights. Is it a modern-day idol?
We have brilliant stories to tell... and times when we didn’t know if we were doing the right thing. It's important to record both
Last year my son told me he is transgender. This is what has happened since, writes a Baptist church member
Recent surveys show more people than we think believe in miracles; and our population is lonely. What can we learn?
A Baptist minister has a chance encounter with an agnostic in a coffee shop. How did the conversation go?
'We need to encourage each other, and recognise the ministries we have' - a report from the recent conference
Could there be a closer relationship between church and state to address our children's mental health crisis?
A Baptist minister shares what it's like to feel anxious all the time - and what has been helpful in working through it
A Baptist minister argues that we need to focus on growing our faith, as opposed to growing the church
How a conversation about football presented an opportunity to talk about a famous player - and Jesus
There are no easy or clear answers on where God is: a reflection when a Christian life is cut short
The latest Catalyst Live featured a typically diverse range of speakers. Here's a taste of audience reaction
How a Baptist minister co-authored a book on a Christian approach to overcoming depression and anxiety
We don't need to be: people outside the church like key Baptist principles. Let's be more confident in our identity
Advent suffers from too much light pollution and churches should try not to contribute to it - a reflection for Advent
How a seemingly innocent remark about superstition led to a chat about our pagan ancestors - and the Gospel
In these challenging political times, followers of Jesus have a duty to live by the standards he has set before us
There's a worldwide focus on violence against women. Andrew Caplen encourages Baptist churches to be involved
We have a message to share with our troubled world: we need to find appropriate ways of getting it across
I wanted to create a world that had Christian foundations but was attractive to non-Christian readers, writes Rachel Bonner
John Weaver assesses COP24, the latest UN Climate Change Conference which took place in Poland, and the reaction to it
Whether churches should declare where they stand on the LGBT issue; mindfulness; Brexit; reflections on a sermon
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