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Re: Remembering the Aberfan disaster
I was in Cardiff that Friday evening, having dinner with Rev Frank Goodwin and his wife (Tredegarville Baptist Church) but the news of Aberfan did not meet us until the following day, by which time I was en route back home to Sussex.  
What was very clear over that period was the immense involvement of the churches, especially the Baptist minister and his people in Aberfan. They were at the heart of the day by day care, support and comfort to the entire community over many years.
The recent coverage of the events by the media was extremely sad, even misleading and certainly erroneous by default  because, relatively, it was almost entirely silent on their unique involvement and identification with the people in their devastation.  
However, that media coverage may also be a statement and commentary of our present culture.  
Geoffrey Whitfield, Worthing

Re: Dementia cafe hosted by Baptist church
A sensible, visionary move. Churches are faced with an ageing membership as people live longer, and the probability of 1 in 4 of the over 50's church members having to live with dementia.
Isn't it time that all Pastors and Church leaders receive dementia training as part of continuing education!
Jerry Hall

This is good news.
Dukinfield Baptist have also been supporting the Alzheimer's Society as its chosen charity this year. As well as raising money, it's been talking on the issues of faith, spirituality and dementia, asking 'what makes us human?' and 'where is God in all this?' It has been running 'Dementia Friends' sessions recognising that dementia is affecting many people in our communities who are largely suffering unheard, including our own families. The church has been educating itself of the needs and difficulties many dementia sufferers have, and trying to understand the pressures on on both sufferers and careers. Dukinfield Baptist is aiming to be a dementia friendly community because it believes this is, in part, what it means to be an inclusive community.
If you've never attended a 'Dementia Friends' session, you should, and here's a great opportunity for you church to host one. Just get in touch with you local Alzheimer's Society Rep.
Jonny Hirst

Re: Listen to the Voices
Very good article but we need something like this to show those working in mental health without the demons and things because they don't understand it but is still there I know, I work in a mental health unit holistic only means as far as it is comfortable for the provider we need more acceptance of chaplaincy in these places and to work as equal colleagues holistically.
Revd IM Page

Re: Open your Doors
This is integral mission. The Lausanne on World Evangelisation in 1974 - “Evangelisation requires the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to the whole world”.
Lidia Stateri

Re: Spurgeon's link for new LST Principal
congratulations Calvin and LST on an excellent choice, Calvin taught at Spurgeons College when I was doing my training. I found him to be an excellent teacher and a gracious man, may God bless the college and Calvin.
Revd IM Page

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